Here's a Iron Man Jetboot I made out of Knex. Here are the instructions. It is supposed to move with a hinge type thing, but it was hard to move so I just connected it together. Now it's a model. I also made some modifications. Visit the builder's profile in the link to see his other creations.

; ) - Supitsgreg

<p>I was considering doing a ible about this. I need to find my parts list (that I lost awhile back) and then I'll post.</p>
<p>I don't know if you copied the boot off Aferry1995, but it's still very nice. I'm building it, just with hinges (functional).</p>
can you wear it or would it break?
would be cool if it could move<br>
post an instructable
niceeee looks very good.
The maker of it
WOW 5*
: ) Thanks.
no prob!

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