Knex Iron Man Torso





Introduction: Knex Iron Man Torso

this is a torso i made in about 2 weeks and it is completely flexible



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    Made it and man is it cool but I upgraded it, you see now it opens in flag and folds flat and turns into a backpack, I also made it with a triangle arc so it looks cooler, I will post a pic of it soon.

    i might post but i fist have to rebuild it

    dude how you make it flexible

    if you do rebuild it include the waste so when i post my jetboots we can put them together and i will work on the hand and you work on the helmet (i seen yours its perfect for this) and the end of it we could each have a full body iron man suit so what do you think

    come on every body wants a iron man suit i know i do and if we do we may beat aferry at build one

    Nice! Good job on making it flexible.

    I like. First viable piece of knex armour!

    looks great! 5*