Step 1: The Back


Step 2: Sides


Step 3: Front


Step 5: Helmet

this part is kinda hard
Yeah make the helmet easier
plz plz PPLLZZZ make the helmet part easier like instructions not just pics..
i made a much better one in my forums so check it out
i like the random tree in pics 7 & 8
tell me when u add on the shoulder fired machineguns
where r the awesome neon bendy rods from?
you should include some pictures with you wearing it.<br />
ya i can<br /> <br />
haha, the pictures look awesome. You should complete the costume and wear it out to the Iron Man 2 premier.<br />
I love the helmet!
thnx<br />
this is awesome but you should make the legs and arms too!<br />
i haven't gotten to them yet<br /> <br />
nice!<br />
&nbsp;This looks pretty awesome! &nbsp;It's much better than any other K'nex Iron Man suits out there, could you put some pictures of you&nbsp;wearing&nbsp;it ?<br />
ya i can<br />
pretty cool, nice job<br />
thanks took me about a week to build<br />

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