K'nex Javelin MW2 (w/ Top Attack!)





Introduction: K'nex Javelin MW2 (w/ Top Attack!)

veryone, as my first instructable, this is a accurate remake of the Javelin Weapon system. The knex equivalent features a fire selector switch, (top attack, ground fire) safety, and quite a strong kick. The trigger is still a bit sketchy, but nothing a few mods can't handle ;). Anyway, on with the instructable!

This rocket launcher is very versatile and can be used in a variety of situations. For example, in a k'nex war, it could be used to destroy bunkers, or fortify positions.

Here is a video of the finished product. As you may notice, it barely leaves the barrel. This is due to the fact that I only used 1 weak rubberband. I have got it to shoot about 80ft, and with the size of the projectile, that is rather formidable. 

EDIT: This thing has been rated 3.42?!??!? Are you serious!? Thanks guys :D

Step 1: Main Body (pt. 1)

 Here is the first handle. If you can't build it from the pictures, please don't attempt this project. 


Step 2: Main Body (pt. 2)

 This is a continuation. A little bit trickier, but still if you cannot manage this, please stop now.

Step 3: The Rocket Tube!

 This is the guts of the Javelin, this is where all the magic happens! If you can't build this, please stop now due to lack of logic. 

(P.S, Please pay close attention to where the yellow connectors go...)

Step 4: Last Things

 Just the fire selector and trigger. Basics! :)

Step 5: Putting It All Together

 Nearly there! Doesn't it look good? Make sure that you follow the steps closely. Don't want to ruin your good work! 

Step 6: Done!

 Now have fun scaring your enemy with a huge missile launcher. Remember, play safe!



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    I built this. It was pretty cool. Also, when my friend and I were playing Cod, we both used Javelins and Riot Shields.


     ;)         What did everyone rate? it would be very interesting to hear!

    Also constructive criticism is appreciated :D   

    can you please tell me how to fire and how to add the trigger and how to make the bullet

    u hav a ps3 wit mw2,waw,black ops and red dead redemtion

     Isn't it obvious? You put the rubberbands on the top two yellows on the front, then pull it down so that it looks like it does in the video. Please use logic next time before posting dumb comments. ><

    I know how to fire and how to make the bullet.
    But i dont know how to attach the trigger to the rocket tube!

     Its quite simple...There is one of those bendy connectors, you take that and click it onto the rod that goes down the side. Did you actually build it? Because if you did then you would understand.