Its a knex Jumping Thingy

Step 1: Ingredients

THese are the pieces you will need for making a J-T.
I think you can get these pieces in most knex sets.

Step 2: The..top Part.

wrap two rubber-bands around the side holesin the red things. The green rods just make it look cooler.

Step 3: The Shooty Part

To make the part that actually moves the J-T, take a blue rod, and add 5 orange rods. It is important that you have that space between the 4th and 5th orange thingies.

Step 4: Attach

Attach the top to the launcher like in the picture. remember to add andother blue rod...

Step 5: Final Step..

add the grey rodthrough the circle in the orange things, and attach it to the red thing.aim the straight up on the ground,pull the orange thingy down, and let go. it should only go up about a foot, but you could use different kinds of rubber bands and see what kind is best...
the world needs more guns made out of knex
not anymore...
<em><strong>how do u shoot it</strong></em><br/>
you don't shoot it, it jumps, read the title!
lol i aim in forwerd and it wint flying
nvm i found out
thay come in all sets
Hey yo I posted a reloading knex target. Check it out under my instructables. If you like it add it to your favorites. Tell me what you think!
lol i tried it and it jumps over 50 feet!! oh well, i also used to amny rubber bands in it and it rezalted in a broken grey piece and im low on knex too
this could actually make like a rod 2 shoot through a knex gun
Try posting a Knex gun instead and that is a pretty strange name
I just thought it was a good name for it... 'cause it jumps.
WTH is a Jumpity-Dootel?

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