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Behold, the K-38 Crossbow!!! Once upon a time, I had this crossbow and kept shooting it and it kept breaking my red connectors. I tried a variety of bullets but none of them worked. Then, I changed the trigger mechanism a little, and it worked great. It pierces a cardboard really good using 2 strings of 3 of #64 rubberbands. Should I post?


Skreetsha (author)2009-09-18

Better then everything you posted, 5 stars and if i could, faved! :P

An Villain (author)2009-06-14

fx-9 works better than this bow.

Did you build mine?

your NR-78 folding gun?

Yeah. I want alot of people to build it to see if they think it is good or not.


Did you build the FX-9? I don't know how you did by pics if you did.

quite a simple design actually, just a few tweaks as there was no visible trigger and you are good to go.

Are you talking about my crossbow??


An Villain (author)2009-04-16


Master_Zane (author)An Villain2009-04-17


An Villain (author)Master_Zane2009-04-17

the arms look more like ears

Master_Zane (author)An Villain2009-04-17


Killer~SafeCracker (author)2009-04-13

Look's good


yannyboy (author)2009-04-14


Master_Zane (author)yannyboy2009-04-14


The Jamalam (author)2009-04-14

is anyone getting a glitch on the last picture? The whole slideshow freezes|!

Master_Zane (author)The Jamalam2009-04-14

I accidentely put a video on the slideshow, but I removed it. But for some reason it still has that hand picture there.

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