Behold, the K-38 Crossbow!!! Once upon a time, I had this crossbow and kept shooting it and it kept breaking my red connectors. I tried a variety of bullets but none of them worked. Then, I changed the trigger mechanism a little, and it worked great. It pierces a cardboard really good using 2 strings of 3 of #64 rubberbands. Should I post?
Better then everything you posted, 5 stars and if i could, faved! :P
fx-9 works better than this bow.
Did you build mine?
your NR-78 folding gun?
Yeah. I want alot of people to build it to see if they think it is good or not.
Did you build the FX-9? I don't know how you did by pics if you did.
quite a simple design actually, just a few tweaks as there was no visible trigger and you are good to go.
Are you talking about my crossbow??
the arms look more like ears
Look's good
is anyone getting a glitch on the last picture? The whole slideshow freezes|!
I accidentely put a video on the slideshow, but I removed it. But for some reason it still has that hand picture there.

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