so, i where on Amazon and got 2 of those Knex K force double bow sets fpr 10$, i decided to order them and see if theyre usable. they are! i really like nerf guns, and this is perfection, you can just build any gun you want and dont have to worry about fitting a complicated mechanism inte the replica (even tho this can be really challenging and fun sometimes). i looked here for some custom builds but there is only 1. ONE instructable related to k-force, so i decided to show them some love and am currently building loooots of replicas with k-force mechanisms.

this time for the first post a L96/AWP from CS:GO


-i really like the look and feel of it


-good handle!

-shoots pretty good and accurate


-im using a PVC pipe for a barrel

-need k-force pieces

overall im pretty happy with this gun and i will definitly keep it and will make a v2/3 version of it. even tho i used a PVC pipe as a barrel, theres enough space in the body to do a full knex barrel, i just hadnt enough pieces.

please leave a comment if you like it and it would be soo awesome if you could give me any suggestions for the next gun i should make,

things that are NOT possible;

Large smg´s (due to lack of pieces)

small pistols (because the mechanisms are quit big)

i thought a M4A4/1 would be the next good idea, whats your thoughts?

EDIT: i know the shape isnt exactly like the AWP, but i feels better like the way i build it

<p>I made a FAMAS G2, look at pic</p>
Very cool! I love it!
<p>The stock looks pretty cool, with that dart holder. But like Lucas said, the front could definitely use some work.<br>Nitpicking on my side, but the L96 isnt &quot;from&quot; Counter Strike, merely used in it, but eh.<br>Incorporating the k-force stuff in a more regular gun shape is pretty cool.</p>
i know it's not from Counterstrike, but it's my favourite gun from the game :) if you like you can request a gun and I Post it in the next 5hours
Awesome looking gun! I never thought of using k force in that way. It looks epic!
Thanks Mate!
I really like the stock and the fact you included nerf. The front could use some work though.

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