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Introduction: Knex KF5

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Hello instructables, and welcome to my second gun of 2015. The KF5, is a smg from call of duty advanced warfare. This thing is a beast if used right in close quarter combat, with the first 5 shots in a mag dealing more damage than usual.

40-50 foot range
20-30 round mag
Light trigger pull
Great pin pull length
Removable mag
Very accurate sights
Looks good (imo)
Jams some

So that's it guys, tell me what you think I'm the comments below.
Please vote for me in the rubber bands contest.

Step 1: Internals/First Layer

Make two of these

Step 2: Layer 2

Make two of these also then put in on top of the first layer.

Step 3: Middle Layer

Now the fun part, make a few parts and smack it on those blue and green rods.

Step 4: Stock/handle

Just do the best u can with this.

Step 5: Mag

If you made the mag lock the use the broken yellow connector and the red connector on the push rod does NOT have to be broken.



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    This is pretty sweet, but I would shorten the mag by one connector. The added capacity would be handy in a Knex war. This may become the second gun of yours I build. (The first was your war pistol I built quite a while ago. It was a lot better then the lame stuff I was used to building. Too bad I didn't know that a black rod would make a better ram then a grey. I used a gray, and man, I was ALWAYS breaking it. :( Still a pretty nice gun though.) My question for you is how do the first five rounds deal more damage then the others? My guess is that the mag is set up for larger rounds for the first part of the magazine. Anyway the looks are great!

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    Thanks man, and you built my war pistol, your the second person to build one of my guns. Yay! You are getting confused about this gun, the first rounds dealing more damage is from the game. My gun only shoots purple one slot connectors. I would highly recommend building this because it is my best shooting gun to date (there was a very important peice I left out in the internals that I'll show you what to do once you start it).

    Whoops, I didn't want realize that you were talking about COD. But you for can set up mags to use larger rounds for the first few shots. To be honest, I probably won't be building this for a while, so.perhaps you should go ahead and add the part of the internals that you left out. I do really want to build it, but just not in the semi near future. Thanks for your help.


    this is impressive, not only are you bringing out guns almost every day, but at this quality, well done!

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    Thanks man I try to have a gun out every 2-3 weeks and when I have time or a break from school I'll try and get more out. I'd really appreciate a vote :)

    Yeah, you earned a vote, I haven't seen my bal on the contest though, I entered it, but it hasn't appeared, if you see it could you give it a vote, it would help.

    I might, I'm still fixing small bugs like the first bullet falling out when 20 bullets are loaded and getting size proportions right. Would you build it if I posted it?

    Thanks man, I really don't feel like making full out instructions, would you be ok will really detailed internals? It will be enough for most knexers to build pretty easily.

    the yellow connectors on the mag look like theyre going to break but otherwise the gun looks great and as far as i can see its got a BİG ASS mag. respect bro

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