Knex Katana





Introduction: Knex Katana

This is a little Knex Katana I made in my spare time. This is my first Instructable, so be nice. The sword is decorative, not really meant to be swung wildly, as the blade will snap off. Let me know if there are any mods I can make to improve on my next instructable!

Step 1: Making the Hilt

To make the hilt, you will need these pieces:

Step 2: The Hilt (ctnd)

Start off with your two gray rods, and attach a red connector, like so:
Then, add then in intervals, so that one is upside down, the other is up, ect.

Step 3: The Blade

These are the amount of pieces you will need to make the blade:

Step 4: The Blade (ctnd)

Now to make the blade! Add one orange connector on the end of a gray rod, like so:

Next, add another set of orange connectors on, ang add one grey, and one red.

Now, add your bendy connector, and your grey connector with green pieces. Should look like pic. 3.

Now, add your strengtheners, or don't. This step is completely optional.

Step 5: Attaching the Hilt to the Blade.

Now, just attach the orange connectors to the grey rods in your hilt, and your katana is done!



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    yo beastly sword i made it . it doesn't snap much but awsome idea man :)

    damn, this is the lowest rated knex thing on the site.

    lol right good one

    this thing isn't a "katana" if it doesn't bend upwards at the end(otherwise, it's just a sword)

    i made one that is more spareable it uses 12 grey rods7 orange conecters 37 red conecters 3 grey clips and 2 tan clips pm me if you want me to post

    yes, post it!

    very cool katana

    if thats the hilt wheres the handle?