Hey everyone i was asked by senior waffle man to make a kiparis. So i did and it turned out pretty good. It does shoot.  Rate, comment, and subscribe.  If enough people ask me to i will post. Stop reading this and check out the pictures. Thanks to Senior Waffleman for the idea!
Can you post instructions for this gun? It looks awesome and I would like to build it. Please post
nice, but i like lemonpickles better <br>
what happened to knex freak?
I didnt mean to it was an accident.
you got it back!
how far does this shoot?<br>
15-25 depending on bands.
Well I posted enough pictures so you should be able to build.
post <br>
No matter what, the name of this gun always sounds dirty to me....
post <br>
In what way?
Where did you get that metallic blue 3con fitting rod, its so cool looking :D
Idk what part you mean which pic and on what part of the gun
Pic one, its on the stock, its a white rod, but its like metallic blue
o its a bendy rod
Oh, its a cool colored bendy, i want it :3
lol i got like 90 of em
lol i knew you'd say that
I have 4 purple bendies :P
I have around a hundred
Wow, i need more bendies, cuz i use them once in a while, but not to often so im kind ov limited
i barely use mine
Gimme em :3
lol but yor own lol
O lol buy yor own.
Outside of the gun = great.<br>Interior = work in progress, (but I really like how it's going so far.)
Are you building it?
Knew it was bound to come eventually. I'm kind of disappointed though. The weapon looks a little too generic to immediately be recognized as a Kiparis.
Ya i know but it also must be able to shoot so its a bit off
post please i love this gun
well it looks like it =D
thanks your quick i posted 2 mins ago
no prob! i know =D
Are you going to be posting anything new soon?
most likely no
man i really really like your stuff, well i have an idea if you want how about a m14, you like them alot
thanks! how do i like them alot lol? =D
You mentioned it in my airsoft post
oh ye lol =D
Well if you plan on posting anything can you let me know
you have any ideas for me to build

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