Introduction: Knex Knife

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I decided to make a knife long ago, and it was pretty decent. So here it is. The Knife O K'nex.

Step 1: Parts List:

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12 Grey One slot connectors
15 Orange Double slot connectors
15 Red Three slot connectors
1 Double slot Light Grey connector
2 Yellow rods
2 Grey rods
1 Bendy rod- Grey rod length

Step 2: Handle

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Build The Handle. Parts:
15 Red Three slot connectors
1 Grey rod
2 Yellow rods

Step 3: Blade Bottom

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Build the bottom of the blade. Parts:
3 Grey One slot connectors
8 Orange Double slot connectors
1 Grey rod

Step 4: Blade Top

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Build the top of the blade. Parts:
9 Grey One slot connector
7 Orange double slot connectors
1 Double slot light grey connector
1 Bendy rod grey rod length

Step 5: Finished!

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Congratulations, you finished your knife. Now can it cut paper?


sandroknexmaster (author)2013-08-03


hunter999 (author)2013-07-26

Cool! Has got the right shape and looks sturdy!

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