this is just a little sling for the moded BJ-2 Combat Knife and Dsman's assault knife. Its a snug fit and the knife will most likely not fall out while running or jumping. If it doesn't work for you let me know. It might be the sling or the knife.

Step 1: Part 1

This is the side of the sling that straps onto the belt you wear.

Step 2: Part 2

this is the other side of the sling.

Step 3: Putting Part 1 and 2 Together

Follow the pics.
<p>ur a copy this is on youtube</p>
wait nvm it WILL fit dutchwarlord's knife
will this work for dutchwarlords knex knife? i made his knife and i was wondering if it would fit the holster
I built a folding knife the has the same handle as that one<br>
how many yellows?
yes 6
i made mine different&nbsp; i made 6 yellows on a yellow rod thn i put a black thing on 2 other yellow pieces ond put them on the other side of&nbsp; the rod&nbsp; and i did the normal loop were the belt goes through
1,000% awsome
6 i think
I dont know how that knife works, but looks awsome.
This would only work with a bandoleer, which consists of a belt that crosses the chest. the loop for the belt creates a risk of the knife falling out if attached at the waist.
my mistake. I tried it at the waist and it tilts to keep handle elevated, thus keeping the knife from from falling out.
oops. I made another mistake. I accidentally used orange 2-slot connectors instead of gray 1-slot connectors for belt loop.
Lol looks good. I made an actual sheath for the BJ-12.
Great! Now all we need is a good pistol with a holster.
what gun? I'll make one if you want!
Preferably one of the guns with the mag in the handle.
hmm, maybe make a holster for my sidearm...(writes down for future project.)
i never thought of that....mainly because i put it in my pocket lol
i think i might be able to do that.
Yeah, I think one of my friends was talking about a pistol holster that he made.
so...... what about my knife?
hahaha. I'll try if you want!
no no, it's fine. i just thought i might mention that. it should work anyway.
I tried it. it works.
i forgot to add in, good idea, i like it!
Kind of like a knife holster? cause a sling is a strap that helps you carry things. I.E. A gun sling for when you're climbing a wall. Looks like it works well tho.

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