Knex Knife Sling





Introduction: Knex Knife Sling

this is just a little sling for the moded BJ-2 Combat Knife and Dsman's assault knife. Its a snug fit and the knife will most likely not fall out while running or jumping. If it doesn't work for you let me know. It might be the sling or the knife.

Step 1: Part 1

This is the side of the sling that straps onto the belt you wear.

Step 2: Part 2

this is the other side of the sling.

Step 3: Putting Part 1 and 2 Together

Follow the pics.



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The youtube version is probably a copy. Look at how old this instructable is.

wait nvm it WILL fit dutchwarlord's knife

will this work for dutchwarlords knex knife? i made his knife and i was wondering if it would fit the holster

I built a folding knife the has the same handle as that one

i made mine different  i made 6 yellows on a yellow rod thn i put a black thing on 2 other yellow pieces ond put them on the other side of  the rod  and i did the normal loop were the belt goes through