THis is a smiple but quite cool looking knife.

Step 1: Holster

build the parts and conect them using the rods with spacers on.

Step 2: Knife

I extended the knife to make a sword
love it.
this is perfect if u have smurf hands
hahaha coming back to this like 5 months later makes me laugh so hard XD
KNIFE<br/>&#8211;noun<br/>1. an instrument for <strong>cutting</strong>, consisting essentially of a thin, <strong>sharp</strong>-edged, <strong>metal</strong> blade fitted with a handle. <br/>
Dude, its made from knex. What do you expect?
this is what i expect lol https://www.instructables.com/id/knex_knife_2/ and why does this spaz keep typing KNIFE &ndash;noun 1. an instrument for cutting , consisting essentially of a thin, sharp -edged, metal blade fitted with a handle. lol oh yea make this its way better
Hence the KNEX in the title. Dude, it's only a model.
looks kinda cheap, but easy
&nbsp;I like the pictures, what'd you take them on?
i like the simplicity, and the way the knife slides in and out of its holder. As for the knife itself, though, its not that great. I like the use of the blue panels in the blade, but you could easily of made the handle comfier and more sturdy, possibly by making it 3 connectors wide, rather than just a single, wimpy panel. In short, a decent idea but needs a lot of work.
what u mean?
He means he finds the design very nice.
how many knifes did u post
Just one, and your now looking at that one.
i improved it and made it stronger, taller, and better. its really cool
Nice one! I love it!
in which sets do you get the plate pieces?
Silent Slice....
The problem with making it longer is it gets weaker, and you need to make i<strong>t<em> wider so the holster doesn<strong>t</strong> work.</em></strong><br/>
LoL I see where that conversation went...LoL
um, booger? as a way to switch the topic.
y wuld any 1 want to make a nife?
this is mine its called the assasin knife
this is mine
thats not a knife, thats a freaking sword!!!!
the main knife looks flimsy
not really just at the handle and the blade conecct and up to the yellow rods
wiger is ment to be wider
I do like it but i also think that it should be a little longer. Just not as long as a sword
feel free to amke it longer
i just made it twice as long
the holder as well?
no, but i made the blade 2 x longer
if you made it longer (both the knife and sheath) and strengthened it, it could be a sword!
the problem with making it longer is it gets weeker and you need to make it wiger so the the holster doesnt work...
make the holster wider.
but then it getes to bulcky
i suppose, but the sword doesnt have to be that fat :p

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