This is my K'nex kunai inspired by Knexman2020.

Step 1: Gather the Materials.

Pic#1: Gather these pieces.

Step 2: Construction

Pic#1: Build this.
Pic#2: Build this.

Step 3: Put Them Together.

Pic#1: Combined picture.

Step 4: Final Project.

Pic#1: This is what it should look like once your done enjoy and I am not responsible if you cause any damage to anything.
how do you shoot it?????
noob!! XD joking, but do you have really post it??
What does it shoot?
do you raly need to post this we can preety much work it out
Well I'll give you credit for simple design. I just hate when people make things overly complicated and requiring over 9000 peices.
 its over 9000
wut bote t3h handle<br />
waste of pieces
no offese but i can build this from the intro
whats the point
what does it do?
im not sure this could cause damage to anything...'least you spelleed kunai correctly >.< i like hte other 1 better, no offesne. ...knexman2020 i think his name is
... well i was rushing so i spelled it wrong. and this isnt as good as mine but nice try! i might give u some ideas.
i'm sorry, this is just bad, this could better be a forum topic, this is just a simple, single layer design, and therfor isnt hard, and also, the pictures are not very sharp, i think you used a webcam? try borrowing a proper digital cameroa, or use a disposable one, and scan the images ;) (sorry for typos, its 00:41 atm :p)
well it is rather simple. just the picture would be good. lol, i built a really big lance out of a kunia once...i was trying to make it, but i sued grey rods insted of red...and i added on, and binge, a big lancey jousty thingy
Does this even need an Instructable? Much better if it was a forum topic.
what is this if ts a sword or knife that is wierd
Way to easy, nice job! The pictures should be a bit better though, but still, it's pretty cool.
what are you talking about?
Nice idea, but I think that you should try a better camera and better descriptions than "Pic #1:Build this."
you should put a red rod for a handle at the bottom of the white connector

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