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Introduction: Knex L115/L96A1

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This is my new L115/L96A1 a featured sniper in COD black ops and COD ghost. Personally I favored the L115 mainly because quick scoping really came to life in ghost. I just was not as good with the L96A1 so I'm going to tell about the ghost version L115. The L115 is a sniper featured in ghost containing the most damage in its class, a ones shot kill from the knee up, and a kick reducer for each kill. It's bolt action competitor the USR was the only thing that could touch it with a one shot kill from the waist up. This thing dominates on all but a few maps because the size of the maps in ghost and gets few hit markers. The only downfall to this gun was the rate of fire and its reload time. Anyway let's talk about this gun.

Looks just like the real deal
Preload able mags
Decent range (average:50 feet max:70-80 feet)
Very long pin pull
The most piece consuming gun I have ever made
Stock is just a little flimsy

Thanks to Red Book of West March for the handle

Please tell me how I did, I put a lot of work into this.
Was it better than my Barrett 50 call?



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    The gun looks great, the front is brilliant, the only thing I would change is the handle, it looks really good, but some bits are slightly too skinny, and I would put a bendy rod in the bit where you put your thumb, saying that this is great, and I love it. Read some of the comments and want to know what your biggest build yet will be, can't wait.

    By the way, your doing so well, and wish you good luck for the future, you got a real talent, don't forget that.

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    Really nothing, just that some people may take it in the wrong way when I tell them what could be better, I just wanted to make sure, if you see what I mean.

    Thanks! So far every one has liked it and made suggestions about the handle, sadly it is in pieces now. As for my big build all I will say is it's a new type of semi auto. You will just have to weight and see. I know I'm evil. :)

    Ok well i love this gun and you made it so realistic. Im gonna do a big l96 project an am going to Ty to make it bolt action

    Hey man great job. This is my favorite gun of all time and i love your work on it. I was wondering if you had any close up pics cause i like your external design and was wanting to make one

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    Sorry man I took it apart a while back to start a new project. thanks though, it always gives me encouragment to keep building hearing from you guys!

    Sorry but I took it apart anout 5 days ago, I'm working on my biggest gun yet and by far the most complicated.

    o_O sorry u already built one. Guess I didn't read carefully.

    Try a Barrett .50 cal, the gun used in the remote sniper system in the mission struck down.

    I have ghosts so I am familiar with this gun. Great work.

    Dude you did really really really well with this one, great job! How long did this take you to finish bro? It looks really well done! You should get more K'NEX and then it'd be easy for you to pass me up!

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    Dude that really means a lot to me you and oblivitus were the ones who got me into knex guns. This gun took me about 3 days to make, I really do appreciate that though. I'm more than likely getting knex for Christmas but in my eyes you will always be one step ahead of me. :)

    Very nice gun! I have never built a sniper yet, but I think I might try it now that I see this. Overall, the gun looks just like the real thing, yet I think, (personally), that a K'nex gun isn't a sniper until it can reach above 75 feet 3/5 of the time. Now, these are my standards, and I honestly don't care, this gun is still really good, and it was a replica, so good job!

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    Thanks I agree about it being a sniper I was going for looks not performance but if I was making a custom sniper it would have to get at least 100 feet