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Introduction: Knex L96

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This is my new knex L96. Well, I've been planing to make an L96 for a while now as its one of my favorite guns so I decided to build it to day. Please excuse the fact that some areas may rough, as I ran out of pieces. It is getting an average of 65 ft and has a 10 round mag. As of the fact that it doesn't have a scope,well pieces are running low =( I hope you like it, I tried to do the best I could even though I ran out of pieces. Please comment about it =)



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    Thanks =) You asked if I had more pics just in time I'll put them up tomorrow.


    4 years ago

    I can see you've put quite the effort in this, but I think this is one of your lesser projects. Needs a major improvement on the magazine, and the thing just doesn't look like a l96.
    Now I realize that this is caused by a lack of pieces,
    But still, with the same amount of pieces, a better gun could've been built.
    Please keep in mind that this is constructive critisism .

    Thanks =) Mostly the pieces I need that I'm out of are the green rods and orange connectors,it's quite annoying. If I get more pieces I'll probably fix up the stock part first,make a cheek rest then work on the scope and other parts =)

    So what do you think of it? I wish I could have finished it up as it would look so much better then, o well =(

    Ah, okay. I've held one over a year back at an 'open day' from the Dutch army. It didn't feel that fat, but that was over a year ago :p
    Thanks for the info though