Knex Bolt Action L96A1





Introduction: Knex Bolt Action L96A1

this is my Knex L96A1

also know as: Magnum Sniperrifle, AWM,AWP (and go on)

in the most games they look big and frightning :P

its fake! in real its only a sniper witch has a length of 940mm

there are some variations witch can fire 50cal. bullets....
any way this baby can shoot as far as u want to, my building tactic here is to make the barrel as easy as possible, so the bullet can fly out easely.

the barrel is 5 layer thick, with 3 layers of space for a bullet witch is 1 layer thick!
(the bleu part on the front of the gun)

Step 1: The Pieces

I counted them all myself

if there are any mistakes, please comment it, and i will correct it....

Step 2: Starting With the Stock

follow carefully xD

Step 3: Making the Trigger

this is the hardest part :P

Step 4: Tha Magazine

capaticity of 5 rounds, like the real one

this magazine is pretty cool, because you can put the bullets in the upper part, and they will not fly out.

Step 5: The Scoop

forgott to take a pic from the whole scoop......

Step 6: The Barrel

barrel, as simple as possible xD

Step 7: Assembly

yes nearly there!

Step 8: Final Touch and How to Fire



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    hello, noneedto
    I have a question, and it is about the handle because there is for sure a way to make it better and i want to make it better, okay??

    this is awesome i made it this is just like the one one the walking dead

    But the length of the real one is 1800 mm, or 1metre and 18 centimetre

    your shotgun doesnt even look like one.....

    ALL OF THE PICTURES ARE BLURRY I CANT SEE! farther its a nice gun : )

    the tape makes it looks less cool but well....

    Can i post a modified version of your gun if i give you credit?

    ofcourse!! :D
    i am glad enough i inspired you