I made this just for looks as there isnt many LMG style guns out their, its just a model but it shouldnt be too hard to fit a firing mech in it.
Only if it shot.
there are to few pictures
damn I want to make it
could you make it from the pictures? It doesnt look too hard. <br>
where are the instructables?
4.5*, there aren't many good LMGs out there, the fact that you built a good model is enough for me, keep up the good work!
what happened i thought u said u could build it 5 times over and over again
yes but I havent got the pieces at the moment, and it wasnt good anyway
Its so cool just put on the instructions.
didnt you read the other comments, I havent got it anymore.
looks pretty good, you will probably have seen that there are some flaws, and it can't shoot, bu i am not gunna rat based on that, 4,5 * because it sure DOES have looks
i dont like it
why, whats wrong with it?
look mingin
Why, whats wrong with it.
its just not good dude
is there anything in particular, or do you just not like it.
1 doesn't shoot 2 not the style of gun i like<br>
id give u some peices but i dont know where u live
I dont need more pieces, I could make this gun more than five times over, its just that I had some better things built at the time.
well you dont have to rate it down because its not your style preference, there is a thing called a model, i did say that i didn't make it shoot because i was low on pieces, and its not hard to put a simple firing mech in it.
you should really post this <br>
I would, but it doesnt shoot and I dont have it anymore.
You used 'their' in the wrong context. It should be 'there', just so you know.
cheers, but do you have a comment about the gun
I thought I did already? Seems not... I did say that it looks very generic (a good thing) among LMGs and seems to have potential for a firing mechanism.
cheers, i would put a firing mechanism in it but i dont have it built at the moment
Wow. amazing replica.
I might make a gun like this soon, after my crossbow.
cool, id like to see it
If I make it.
no I took the pictures before Christmas but didn't bother uploading them. I had it for about a week.
its gone sorry.
way wats up with that
that looks classs.
no prob
As I said 'it shouldnt be too hard to fit a firing mech in it' -i just didnt have the pieces for it.

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