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This is my moel of the lancer assault rifle that is featured in the Gears of war series.


PotatoCoffee (author)2011-12-27


lemonpickle (author)2011-10-09

mea like

SLDxRaPiiDZz (author)lemonpickle2011-10-13

cheers. :)

GrandeSwag (author)2011-09-27

Pretty cool. Area behind the handle is good. made this one a while back.

TheFoofinator (author)GrandeSwag2011-09-28

Just noticed, you made all your gun vids unlisted?

GrandeSwag (author)TheFoofinator2011-09-28

Yeah they don't look good for college applications. I have referenced my ball machine videos, so I don't want them thinking I'm a psycho killer with all the guns I make.

TheRacker (author)GrandeSwag2011-09-28

unlisted? How do they know it is your youtube account? And is that where all your gun videos went? Because I couldn't find them. And is there a way I can see your vids again? I liked what you made.

GrandeSwag (author)TheRacker2011-09-28

I have linked my youtube account for reference of some of the things I have made. I can pm you specific links if you'd like.

TheRacker (author)GrandeSwag2011-09-29

Oh, ok. Just wondering. Will you ever put them back up again?

GrandeSwag (author)TheRacker2011-09-29


TheRacker (author)GrandeSwag2011-09-29

Alright cool.

SLDxRaPiiDZz (author)GrandeSwag2011-09-28

cheers, yours is good :)

dr. richtofen (author)2011-09-27

pretty awesome!

Chreers :)

no plobrem !

TheAwesomestDude (author)2011-09-26



~KGB~ (author)2011-09-25

Looks nice =D

SLDxRaPiiDZz (author)~KGB~2011-09-25

cheers :)

~KGB~ (author)SLDxRaPiiDZz2011-09-25


SLDxRaPiiDZz (author)2011-09-25


AUG-5OM3 (author)2011-09-25

Nice posted on my birthday XD

SLDxRaPiiDZz (author)AUG-5OM32011-09-25

Happy Birthday :D

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