Step 2: Stand

this is the stand that holds everything up. make sure to put something small but semi-heavy on the leg opposite of the trip wire. (in my case, a rock band drum pedal.)
This worked great for the grenade I used, it exploded at chest height and actually hurt a bit. The only thing is that the trigger where the string is attached should be lengthened to get more leverage. And on ceramic I needed a weight to stop to door from pulling it away. Great booby trap.<br>
I have a better grenade for this. Instead of spreading over the floor, the fragmentation shoots up and around. I will see if I can get a picture. I have also modded a little bit to it to make it more stable. I also made it so that when you tug on the wire, a pin removes itself so the wire doesn't trip anyone. Thank you so much for the basic design. Very good for pranks
Very cool. Yeah this design is VERY basic, so improvements are definitely needed. Thanks for building
This is the so cool!
Can i Sharpen Or will It Mess IT up
yah good idea
you have rockband!
lol! i have gh world tour i used that instead.
that dont break it proves (kind of) that gh is betta than rockband cos rockband is a cheap, crappy immitation. thanks for listening.
rockband sucks. medium feels like expert. the thing is completly stupid. i use my rockband drums on Guitar Hero 5
gd on u
mhm, now the pedal is broken in 2 places i have it held together with a ruler and tape
lol mine is broke right in the middle
awesome! 5 starz :-)
u can also just put a white rod in and lay it down on the ground and aim it at the door...
if you stick the point of a red connector in the shaft it will fire the way it is pointed!!!
i did it on my sister
I used invisible fishing wire BTY 5 *****
i have an interchangeable head for this that fires spacers EVERYWHERE and my mom wonders how there are little blue rings in her lampshades
Wow! This thing is awesome! I put one in the doorway to a bathroom in my house, and it scared the crap out of my dad. 5 stars!
i built two and set them both up in the bathroom and whenever someone would go in i would just wait for them to come out then reset it.
awesome! meh loves teh five stars! lol
omg this is the best thing ever even my mom was inpressed nice work!
can someone tell me a way i can keep it held down as i don't have rockband or guitar hero BTW cool landmine
use a tuque as a base skirt or maybe use tape :) hope this helps
You don't need to use a Rockband pedal, I just used it because it was close to me and it worked. If I didn't have one, I would use maybe a book opened up a little and put on the ground to make a triangle and stick the cover (hardback) into a prong on one of the yellow connectors. or maybe I would use a weight.
ok thanks for that and btw i am thinking of making 2 of these on at either side and with string then bam also mine goes well high lol
thats a great idea. i was just looking around instructables and i never saw a mine with a tripwire on it so i just posted it. mod it all you want and post it even if its good enough. i wont care it only took me like five minutes to make anyways haha
hey can you check out my grenade pleaz and comment thanks
Very cool idea!!! <br/><h2><strong>ROCKBAND RULES!!!</strong>=</h2>:D<br/>
No, actually Rockband 2 rules.
*cough* not really *cough*<br/><br/>cool idea though.<br/>
I KNOW!!!!
cool1i made it for myself and what does it look like on the front side of the door???
it looks the same its pretty much symetrical on both sides except for the block trigger
im trying to get my sister but it aint possible... i got a good plan that actualy works. #1 take off the 2 red rods infront to hold for yelow ones.#2 take of the 2 red rods at the back to suport for 2 greys. #3 tie the string to the door so when it opends POW it explode Mwuhahaha o ps dont furget ure rock band waight ath the back so it cant failed!!!
thats like your best instructables... LOL ns
if any person would replace the video with a black square, no one would notice.
thats ok ill make a video for it
cool 4 stars
"A cup to hold shapnel or goodies or whatever" LOL

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