Picture of K'nex Large Helix
I came up with a large helix which can be made to be stacked on top of itself. It is made for K'nex ball machines, and only works with the original K'nex balls. This element requires quite a few pieces however, but the finished product is rather cool.

When complete, the ring measures about 27 inches in diameter and a circumference of just over 7 feet. 

If you make it, send me pictures and I'll post them on here. The picture below features this helix in my current machine, however, there is a smaller helix (with blue track) in the center of it. This tutorial is not including that helix.
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Step 1: Piece count

Picture of Piece count
Before you start, here is a piece count for a 1 foot section(measured by the outer track) of the helix. These are the pieces you will need:  Rods :
-Green : 10
-White : 9
-Blue : 9
-Gold Notched :  5

- Orange :  5
- Yellow :  11
-Gold Tab : 10
- Y connector : 5
- Grey one slot connector : 5

Spacers : 5
Track : 2 (It takes about 14 feet of track to complete a full circle, 7 feet on each side)

Total : 76                                                                                                                                                                              

Step 2: The Inner Ring

Picture of The Inner Ring
Here you will create the inner ring.







Picture 1 : Create this


Picture 2 : Add the green pieces


Picture 3: Add the top


Picture 4: Add gold rods on the bottom connectors


Picture 5: Another view







Step 3: The Inner Track

Picture of The Inner Track
Here you will be creating the inner track and spacing.

Picture 1: Add the Y connectors. Note the placement
Picture 2: Another view
Picture 3: Add the inner half tabs
Picture 4: Another view
Picture 5: Make one of these for each inner gold tab.
Picture 6: Put the parts on like this
Picture 7 and 8: Other views

Step 4: Outer Ring and Outer Track

Picture of Outer Ring and Outer Track
Now it’s time to create the outer ring and give the circle its contour.

Picture 1 : Place the orange tab connectors on the Y connectors
Picture 2: Add blue rods between the connectors
Picture 3, 4, 5: Other views

can you subsitute red rods instead of those gold notched ones?

koolcoasterkid (author)  rrobinson19991 year ago
Yes, you can, but the connectors might not stay in place as good as they do on the gold rods.
Cool! I subbed (I don't know why I didn't earlier :p)
Nice first Instructable! It would be cool to make one of these 8 feet tall. :-P
koolcoasterkid (author)  Shadowman391 year ago
Someone else was planing to do a helix that big but run out of space.
hunter9991 year ago
Sorunome1 year ago
Ha, nice job!