This is a large knex pick up truck that I built a while ago but never completely finished. I never finished it because I got kind of bored with it and i wanted to start a new project. here are some of the features:

pros: It has a very very durable body

very big cargo box

high payload capacity

rear tailgate that opens

4 wheel independent suspension.

cons: it's very part consuming

suspension isn't super durable

it has an enormous weight

I never finished it

overall, I loved this truck a lot, and one day I might even rebuild it and make it even better and actually finish it. I hope you guys enjoy it and let me know what you think!


<p>Cool truck! Have you entered it in a contest?</p>
Sweet truck man! How about a vote for a vote? <br><br>Wait. I feel like that is against the rules or something..
lol thanks! and im not sure if thats allowed either. hopefully it isnt.
<p>Indeed, hopefully not.</p>
<p>Hopefully it IS. That way, the people who deserve credit get rewarded with the effort put in, not someone who just gets 'votes for a vote'.</p><p>I hope you can see what I'm trying to say.</p>
<p>No. A vote for a vote shouldn't be allowed. You just contradicted yourself. I said doing a vote for a vote hopefully isn't allowed. You said hopefully it is....</p>
<p>Ahh, I thought you meant hopefully it ISN'T against the rules, and so I claimed hopefully it IS.</p>
<p>Reading this again, I am sorry if this comment sounded rude or offensive at all. :-p</p><p>Nice truck btw - voted. :-)</p>
<p>I don't let that stuff bother me, it's not a problem.</p>
<p>I understand what you are saying. Thanks for voting, i appreciate it.</p>
<p>This is looking pretty sweet!</p>
thank you very much! can you vote for me in the contest?
<p>This is looking pretty sweet!</p>
<p>That looks good! You earned my vote :)</p>
thanks! i appreciate it!
<p>Cool! It looks super sturdy! </p>
thank you. it was sturdy! do you mind voting for me in the contest? i'd really appreciate it!

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