Introduction: K'nex Lawnmower

Picture of K'nex Lawnmower

my K'nex Lawnmower with instructions! =](Comment if you like it!)

Step 1: Shell

Picture of Shell

the Body/Shell of the Mower

Step 2: Wheels

Picture of Wheels

the Wheels of the tractor

Step 3: Gear Assembly

Picture of Gear Assembly

The motor assembley

Step 4: BLADES OF FURY!!!!!!

Picture of BLADES OF FURY!!!!!!

the blades

Step 5: Handle

Picture of Handle

the arm and handle

Step 6: Connecting

Picture of Connecting

connect it like this

Step 7: Enjoy This Picture of My Cute Puppy!=]

Picture of Enjoy This Picture of My Cute Puppy!=]

my puppy Doc Holiday! (we rescuded him of the side of the road)=[


LittleBilly (author)2016-07-25

Does it work

Although I haven't made this, I can tell from the pictures that the "blades" spin, but it doesn't cut grass.

StacyR14 (author)2016-03-22


Doc Penguin (author)2014-09-28

does itactually "mow" the lawn

hunter999 (author)2013-06-26


Knex4Life23 (author)2012-08-29

Please vote for me in the contest

Sorunome (author)2012-08-14

Looking nice! :D
Now make it work in real life :P (JK btw ^^)

Knex4Life23 (author)Sorunome2012-08-20

btw^^ ?

jingo69 (author)Knex4Life232012-08-26

BTW=by the way

Knex4Life23 (author)jingo692012-08-26


Josey_wales62 (author)2012-08-25

Looks Great. Good Designs!

sniper_lover (author)2012-08-10

Wwooow! I built and It was funny!!but the Handle is weak, Maybe you could try to make It stronger

Knex4Life23 (author)sniper_lover2012-08-20

Ill Try! sry

knexgunbuilder217 (author)2012-08-09

cupple hours

knexgunbuilder217 (author)2012-08-08


how longdid it take you

Knex4Life23 (author)2012-08-06

has anybody built it!?

knexgunbuilder217 (author)2012-08-04

can i add a parts count ill pm u it

i have taken it down so i could build a roller coaster which i took down to make a ball machine.=] i will be posting that soon

Knex4Life23 (author)2012-08-04

thanks and yes (sry for that) =[

knexgunbuilder217 (author)2012-08-04

wow nice pics these r sum of the best ive seen!!!!!

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