Lazy Man's Golf is a fun yard game that can be purchased at most superstores. But why purchase one if you can build it yourself out of Knex! This instructable will show you how to just that. (Build your own that is.)    

The game is most commonly known as Ladder Toss, but I like the name Lazy Man's Golf better because the name Ladder Toss makes it sound like you're tossing ladders around :-)

The object of the game is be the first person or team to get to exactly 21 points by tossing the bolas onto the rungs. The last step explains the rules more in-depth. 

The Knex holds up pretty well. The rungs will start to sag after a little bit and I would recommend having some pliers on hand because some of the pieces sometimes get push in. But overall it holds up nicely.

Are you ready to build? If so, move onto next step and get building! 

Step 1: Parts List

All the Knex parts are labeled in their classic colors. 

  • green rods - 46
  • white rods - 53
  • blue rods - 122
  • yellow - 16
  • red rods - 76
  • grey rods - 76
  • grey connectors - 76
  • light grey connectors - 26
  • orange connectors - 150
  • red connectors - 30
  • green connectors - 12
  • yellow connectors - 112
  • white connectors - 48
  • blue locking connectors - 54
             Clips and Spacers
  • Y-clips - 16
  • blue clips - 6
  • tan locking clips - 32
  • roller coaster clips - 4
  • blue spacers - 222*
  • silver spacers - 120*
  • chain links - 40
If you don't have 222 blue spacers and 120 silver spacers don't worry, a lot of the them can be replaced by other things such as grey or light grey connectors, or Y-clips.
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Nice bro, that is awesome!
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That looks like fun! I've never even heard of this game. :-P Great job.
It's a lot of fun! You should try it, and thank you.
Seems to be a lot more work and more expensive than just using pvc pipe/connectors.
Yah, it probably is unless you already have the knex to build it.
Looks like lots of fun! Nice instructable. :-D
Thanks {:-)
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This is boss and should be featured!
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