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Here is my new crossbow that has powerboosters and has a o... READ THE STATS XD.

Extremely powerful
High range 80-100 ft
Very accurate
OrangeDot sight

A pinch flimsy


petey2000 (author)2013-03-26

a i make crossbows so you should check out my page

TheAwesomestDude (author)2011-11-04

reminds me of the cdcr series

Really? This gun has the power to be a creeping death but just not the overall looks. I miss my creeping death guns and thank you. =)

yeah it just does and your welcome =D

Yup. I have two guns planned: A shell ejecting AR similar to Deadmeat80's and a bullpup slingshot assault rifle. =)

ive built both types so far but no one wanted me too post deadmeat80s so i didnt

Cool. I am done my Bullpup slingshot gun. Not sure if I should post though; it looks mighty similar to DJ Radio's HALO 2 BR.

his is pretty good i think you should post yours

Ill post. =) It will be on within an hour. =)


And now its posted. =)

its cool ive seen it awesomes job

ryry2011 (author)2011-11-06


beanieostrich (author)ryry20112011-11-06

Thank you. =)

Vaetheon (author)2011-11-05

nice =)

beanieostrich (author)Vaetheon2011-11-05

Thanks man. =) Im building a SOPMOD HALO 2 BR right now. =)

Vaetheon (author)beanieostrich2011-11-06

nice again =D

tytiger33 (author)2011-11-06

You going to post this?

beanieostrich (author)tytiger332011-11-06

Sorry mate. :( It got blown up in a nuclear explosion.

Nice one. =) Im going to post pics of my slingshot gun sometime. =)


~KGB~ (author)2011-11-04

looks great! =D 5*

beanieostrich (author)~KGB~2011-11-04

Cheers. =D

~KGB~ (author)beanieostrich2011-11-04


beanieostrich (author)~KGB~2011-11-04

I think the "b" in "Nb" is upsidedown XD.

~KGB~ (author)beanieostrich2011-11-05

no lol, No Bother... Nb.

beanieostrich (author)~KGB~2011-11-05

Oh I see now. =) You got me.

~KGB~ (author)beanieostrich2011-11-06


TheRacker (author)2011-11-05

Its an SR-v2. Good job.

beanieostrich (author)TheRacker2011-11-05

Cheers. =D

beanieostrich (author)2011-11-05

LOL. Thanks dude. =)

dr. richtofen (author)2011-11-04


Cheers. =)

no problem, mein freund :)

And now I am only 3 ibles away from 100 lol. What to build now lol.

Maybe build an famas of epicness

Mabye just maybe I will. I have so many ideas on what to build next lol. Shell ejecting ARs, Bullpup Slingshots, and others lol.

Maybe use those things in 1 uberepic gun

Ill see what I can do. =) I will most likely make a slingshot AR next with tactical rails for shotguns and/or other stuff.

I think you should try your hand at a FMG; there haven't been many of those lately...

You know what? Your right. I should try one.

The Nomlack (author)2011-11-04

Wanna post this?

I just might post this. =)

Football viking boy (author)2011-11-04

nice, but nothing's new, just another crossbow

I know. It was thrown together in like 2 hours lol. But thanks. =)

AUG-5OM3 (author)2011-11-04

Looks nice

beanieostrich (author)AUG-5OM32011-11-04

Thanks. =)

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