Hello again, this is the KRMA-LR, my attempt at a small-ish k'nex AR. I'ts a pretty neat gun with good range and accuracy.
Pros - Good range
         - Low piece count
         - Sturdy in all places
         - Good sights
         - Great accuracy
         - Compact and lightweight
         - My non elastic trigger mech works with it!
Cons - 5-shot magazine
I like it, small, compact, looks good and has a low piece count, what more could anyone ask for? (I probably shouldn't of said that!) keep up the good work!
Cheers, doc.
No problem!
Wow, fast comment, cheers mate, the only huge flaw wiith this gun is the magazine capacity.
I think its fine, its alot better than all of my guns that I made!
meh....<br>c'mon you can do better than THAT
Meh. Not too great. And is that a copied trigger from the Diablo?
No... its a trigger... from the KRMA3... using my trigger mech...
looks ok <br>
Thanks dude, I like your shotgun type thing.

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