video K'nex Light Rifle
Because I was making a video anyways, decided to post this here.
Basically, it's the first K'nex rifle I've made with a magazine and true trigger that works from pretty much my own ideas. Some parts may look familiar, but that's how I roll: I use concepts I've accumulated to do stuff.

Shoots yellow rods, has 3 support rails for the ram, true trigger, fore grip, etc.
Mepain2 years ago
So when's the last time you made a K'nex gun? Because that's some pretty old tech.
Kaiven (author)  Mepain2 years ago
Whoa, it's Mepain. Ehem... Last time I messed with K'nex was probably over a year ago. I haven't been keeping up with K'nex designs or K'nex Innovation since its founding.
Mepain Kaiven2 years ago
You should check this out along with newer designs if you're looking to get back into it.
Kaiven (author)  Mepain2 years ago
Thanks, I've actually been lurking for about 3 days now. Built an 8 turret WASP and oodalump's pump turret rifle. Since then I've been working on some kind of innovative design of my own, but it's pretty tricky.
cazadactle2 years ago
the gun's not bad but yur knife in the background just looks awesome!
Kaiven (author)  cazadactle2 years ago
Yeah, forgot my sword was in the background. It's a good accessory lol.
This looks like a very sturdy gun, and It looks good aswell! Thats a 5* from me!
Kaiven (author)  PotatoCoffee2 years ago
Your welcome!