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Hello, this is a little slingshot that I've made. It has gone through many names, such being bow and cannon, but I've come up with the most suitable word for it: a slingshot. It can fire from my house's kitchen, through the dining room and slightly into the living room with a medium band.

How it Works:
1: Pull the rubber band that is attached to the front onto the 2 white rods sticking out in the back of the slingshot.
2: Rip off one of the slingshot's legs :D (the red connector with a yellow rod on it's middle slot.
3: quickly pull the leg so that the red connector goes between the 2 white rods in the back, pull it up and let go. PEW! you send the leg across the room.

This is an ideal 'shot for fun and mostly non-lethal K'nex wars with friends! It might sting at point blank or the sort, though.
This slingshot it totally built for single-shot, but, if you have enough dexterity, don't forget the multi-shot feature as in all slingshots.

Step 1: List of Pieces Required

Picture of List of Pieces Required
These are the required pieces for a whole Lobster cannon. NOT INCLUDING AMMO which takes another 4 red connectors, and 4 yellow rods (1 yellow plugged into the middle slot of each red conector)

2 Whites/Snowflakes
2 Small Greys
2 Light Browns/Pins
4 Reds
4 Blacks/"Y"s
5 Greens
9 Yellows
11 Purples

2 Yellows
2 Stretchy Oranges
2 Stretchy Light BluishPurples (can be replaced by blue)
3 Blues
9 Whites
10 Deep Greens

1 Rubber band (I use a medium-thick band but the others might work as well)

EDIT: you should be able to do normal purples instead of the stretchy ones; I just use the stretchy ones for comfort.
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What about the older knex that cant buy anymore and loses pieces constantly?
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good and simple
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