Knex M16


Introduction: Knex M16

It dosent shoot but it fun to play with. i make guns that look like the real thing but don't shoot, there just for playing with. and they dont take a lot of pieces to build.




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    let me clear this there for playing with like if your younger.

    i used to make the guns in arsenal(plus 2 shotguns and 5 pistols) when i was younger and now im passing them on there simple, take few pieces and look close to the real one.

    good for the young ones in the house!

    nice like the launcher

    This should be more realistic considering this is a non-firing model.

    If you want to chat live I have a PS3 my PSN name is redeyesboy in your friend request right "knex"

    This was great.......four years ago.

    Ya it dose but its a play gun and easy to make

    noob tube.