It dosent shoot but it fun to play with. i make guns that look like the real thing but don't shoot, there just for playing with. and they dont take a lot of pieces to build.

let me clear this there for playing with like if your younger.<br><br>i used to make the guns in arsenal(plus 2 shotguns and 5 pistols) when i was younger and now im passing them on there simple, take few pieces and look close to the real one. <br><br>good for the young ones in the house!<br>
post the launcher<br><br>
nice like the launcher<br>
This should be more realistic considering this is a non-firing model.
If you want to chat live I have a PS3 my PSN name is redeyesboy in your friend request right &quot;knex&quot;
This was great.......four years ago.
It needs to be inproved; go to this to see a <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/M4-Carbine-Knex/">good M4 Carbine</a>, and build that.
Ya it dose but its a play gun and easy to make
noob tube.

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