Knex M16





Introduction: Knex M16

My first attempt at a M16 and I got it. It's probably one of the most real looking ones out there. It has terrible range though.

Looks realistic
Ram can hold a lot of power
Surprisingly comfortable

Terrible range

Here is a link to the pic that I used:
Please comment, rate, and sub. :D

I have already changed some things on this gun but it essentially looks exactly the same.



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    Post instructions, by the way could you make a mp5 smg

    I dont know if you've noticed how long it has been since I have been active but I haven't been doing anything for a while. This gun has been apart for ages so it wont get posted. As for the mp5, it wont happen anytime soon as I am working on something else and still have to upload something I have already made. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    nice overall appearance.

    I guess you just don't realize that almost none of hers is to correct scale. and i'm not saying you are sexist i'm saying that this is how the human race has thought for centuries. her PDR's scale is too big too

    The only thing that sucked about it was the range. And that's it. Trust me I am very persistent. I won't back down easily. You know it's funny, I think the only reason why you think hers is better is because a girl built a gun that's really good even though it's only average. I bet if a guy built that you'd think that it was average and not the best M16 in the world. Dude this will go on and on if you let it. I already took the gun apart because it was irritating me.

    lol you raged. I'm already working on a new trigger so that it shoots farther. I don't see why people think hers is more to scale than mine because it isn't. Now look, I don't want to be enimies or anything I just thought this was going to be an intellectual argument not ending in someone raging over knex. We will stop arguing henceforth. If you want this to be water under the bridge then it will be. If you want to hang on to this moment for the rest of your life then go ahead.

    dude i dont know whats wrong with it

    Well, it seems that your pin doesn't block back far. (I assume that the orange connector just in front of the red trigger is part of the block). Which means that the pin can't accelerate that much, giving poor power.

    How does the trigger work? (if you post some internal photos, I can perhaps try improving the trigger block, for more room to speed up the pin)