My first attempt at a M16 and I got it. It's probably one of the most real looking ones out there. It has terrible range though.

Looks realistic
Ram can hold a lot of power
Surprisingly comfortable

Terrible range

Here is a link to the pic that I used:
Please comment, rate, and sub. :D

I have already changed some things on this gun but it essentially looks exactly the same.
Post instructions, by the way could you make a mp5 smg<br><br>
I dont know if you've noticed how long it has been since I have been active but I haven't been doing anything for a while. This gun has been apart for ages so it wont get posted. As for the mp5, it wont happen anytime soon as I am working on something else and still have to upload something I have already made. Sorry for the inconvenience.
<p>nice overall appearance.</p>
sweet gun you got there but the barrel is a little to long. still good <br>
http://i41.tinypic.com/33vdefs.jpg <br>It's actually not too long

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