Knex M16 Vietnam Style





Introduction: Knex M16 Vietnam Style

My Christmas Present to all you Knexers!

Ok so ive been waiting for years now for someone to get every aspect right of a M16 from vietnam. So ive waited long enough and came up with my own ideas and made my very own.

Looks very realistic
Shoots great for a replica(45 feet with 3 tied together #64 bands)
Relitivly light for its size
Comfy to hold

Uses a broken piece(And one optional one on the handle)

So lets get started.

Step 1: Stock

By the way this instructable goes in order of easiness of building.

1:What You are Building
2:Insid of what you are building

Step 2: Handle

1: What you are building
2: The three components of the handle
3-4: Inside piece that fills in the handle
5: Insert the filler
6:Put on the other side

Step 3: Main Fake Barrel

1: What your building
2-8: Specifics

Step 4: The Main Body and Mechinism

1: What your building
2-12: Specifics
When done put the other wall on it.

Step 5: Put It All Together

This is the best part were you get to see the final form of you gun and see what it fires. It fires a orange connector with a green rod in both slots as seen in picture 5  with the mag pusher.

Step 6: Have FUN!

Have lots of fun with your new gun. Hope you all had a exellent christmas.

Please Rate,Subscribe(because thats whats keeping me building this stuff),and Favorite.

And Probably some underbarrel attachments like grenade launcher comming soon!



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Dude I I messed up and I can't make the barrel shorter

the bullet does not come out of the barrel

its a decent gun other than the fact it has a mini style stock but that is changeable.

This M16 is horrid. Nice effort, but is too unrealistic.

Yes, because a backwards front sight, made up handgaurd (Entire front end is wrong), undersized stock, oversized mag, wrong angle pistol grip, and badly done receiver are realistic.

i want 2 see u make a better realistic m16 model then.

wait do u really have to put in the green rod as a filler

im doin a barrel cut-off. i dont have that many orange connectors to waste on looks.