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Introduction: Knex M16A1

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Hey guys and girls here is as promised: KnexGurl's M16A1

First of all I have Permission to post it and I give full credit to Blue Mullet / KnexGurl (The same right?)
It's about 95% accurate. I changed some internals as I couldn't figure them out properly :)

The gun looks and feels great and is really sturdy (no pun intended)

Warning! The instructions suck badly! I was too lazy to take it apart completely If you can't figure it out leave a comment and I'll see what I can do for you. Also broken parts are needed.

Step 1: The Front Grip

Just follow the pics

Step 2: The Body

Again follow pics

Step 3: The Stock

Just make.

Step 4: The Mag

Sorry I didn't bother taking it apart.

Step 5: Putting It Together



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    44 Discussions

    I'm gonna make a canadian C7A2 rifle with this instructable! The C7 is the canadian M16, the C7A2 has a retractable stock like a M4A1, And the C8 is basicly the canadian M4A1

    1 reply

    Nice if you do please post pictures, I'm curious :)

    ik ben bijna klaar. alleen stock en mag. hoop dat ik genoeg onderdelen heb. en kun je ook laten zien hoe je de mag laad en waar de elastiekjes moeten? Dat zou ik heel fijn vinden.

    1 reply

    Magazijn is gewoon een kwestie van naar binnen drukken. het blijft door de frictie op zijn plaats. Het ene elastiekje moet vanaf de trekker naar boven toe (richting de carrying handle) het andere moet gewoon vanaf de slagpen ergens op de body vastgemaakt hangt erg af van de lengte en kracht van je elastieken.

    nice je hebt em gepost
    k ga em misschien later vandaag maken

    Thanks and depends on the type of bands and the trigger mech. With the one in the instructable: Dreadful with my new trigger way better (no measurements sorry.)