im posting this slideshow for you to decide which of these two guns you want me to post
post the m16
plz post plz
plz post
Simply amazing
You've got BIG competitors....
P.S, how do you do that thing where the link is certain letters instead of the whole url?
Mines better :P<br> <br> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-m16-New-and-Improved/">https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-m16-New-and-Improved/</a><br>
its as goodas my hardon
i think you havea good gun try to add a shooting mechinism
They all suck cos they cant shoot O.o
make instructions
can i have instructions for p90
m16 is pretty good but makie the trigger gaurd, make the mag biggger like the real thing wow just noticed it looks like it has an m16 lenght rail on it cause of the front
add the m16a4 its awesome
P90's handle looks weak. As for the M16A4...haha you&nbsp;BETTER&nbsp;post it<br />
m16A4=awesome, p90=not my favorite.
<p>I like the M16A4 5/5 stars</p>
P90 kinna sucks... but awesome m16a4<br />
Post the&nbsp; p90 please<br />
cant you work on making a bet mag 4 ur guns cuz this guns mag isnt strait
yes it is<br />
oh sorry dident realize this was an m16 rather than an m4
Are you gonna post?<br />
Dude, that P-90 failed. compare it to my (semi)real one.<br /> <br /> <br /> It's an airsoft...
Just what I expect coming from you! M16 please
JUST&nbsp;SO&nbsp;YOU&nbsp;ALL&nbsp;KNOW&nbsp;THEY ARE&nbsp;MODELS NOT&nbsp;GUNS&nbsp;THAT&nbsp;SHOOT!!!<br />
these guns don't shoot (yet)?<br />
nope.<br />
but they will (once)?<br />
i dunno<br />
OMG!!&nbsp;THE&nbsp;M16 IS&nbsp;AWESOME!<br />
which one do you think i should post<br />
&nbsp;m16 all the way
m16, no doubt<br />
these dont shoot do they? 3.5*s if so.....<br />
nice! 5* p90!

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