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heyy,this is my newest gun the M16a4 i got the trigger and the bolt mech of lostpuppet417 so check him out too. But anyway here is my gun and i hope u like it;

So as I always do here are my pros and cons:-) :p 
Good mag capacity
No stock (I can one but then it just vanished........ i think.)  
Bolt sometimes gets caught with the ram:-(
p.s sorry about the bad quality of the pics my blackberry camera is rubbish:-( 


dr. richtofen (author)2012-01-18

It's ok, but the angle of the handle throws the looks away a bit, and it's missing something....

yes i argree

Yes, where's the stock?

sorry im not that good at stocks

take a look around the site for m16's, and you'll find a good one. Can't name one now though...(I don't know all k'nex guns out of my head)

ok sorry for the late reply i had lots of school work to do and yes i have now made a good frim stock for it thanks!!

no problem! Do you have an photo of it with the stock?

no sorry. again sorry for the late reply school work is annoying!
But im going to make a barret 50 cal any tips?

Make it Big, no seriously, the real one is 1.40 metres long or 4.59 feet 

ok and how many peices do you recon i need?

Uhm, how many do you have?
I think about (if you every outer part from stock to the barrel just to the front of the bipod (look on google)) you need about 120~150 yellows. About 30-40 white or blue connectors for the front fake barrel. And lots of green and white rods

oh k igot got 123 yellow connectors,and 20w hite,30 blue im not sure how many white and green rods though.

OK, Otherwise try an Sako TRG, it's a bit smaller (1,000 mm (39.37 in) ) and also cool. And it's never been done before. But it's up to you

ok ill try it thanks!!

Cool, and no problem =D

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