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So this is my Knex M1911 handgun, and unlike most other Knex M1911guns this one actually looks very similar to the real thing! It is loaded through the handle and fires two different rounds, has very good sights that are accurate and the handle is very comfortable! It is has a relatively low piece count but even so, the overall gun is actually pretty heavy for a Knex handgun (which I think makes it even more realistic!). P&C:

-Looks like the real thing!
-Very comfortable
-Integrated mag in the handle (non-removable)
-True Trigger
-Great iron sights
-Low piece count
-Doesn't use any broken pieces! 

-Sometimes loading is hard
-Trigger sometimes comes out (but not a huge problem as you can just push it back in again)
-Body parts sometimes fall off (but only very rarely)

Lets get building!


P.S I figured out how to fix a loading problem just look at picture 2, step two to see!!!!

Step 1: Parts List

Picture of Parts List

This parts list includes everything BUT THE AMMO AND THE REPLICA MAG which will be on some other steps later on..
-White x4
-yellow x2
-Orange x4
-Grey x4
-White x4
-Green x16
-Y-clips x7
-White x8
-Yellow x2
-Orange x10
-Light Grey x1
-Grey x2
-White x16
-Green x18
-Y-clip x18
-Tan clip x1
-Blue end x2

-Light Grey x1
-Grey x1
-Green x2
-Y-clip x1

-Yellow x12
-Green x4
-Orange x10
-Light Grey x4
-Grey x2
-White x2
-Green x35
-Y-clip x6
-Female Ball clip x8
-Tan clip x2
1 Red rod with a female ball clip attached and a rubber band wrapped round
(see pictures for help)
1 Red rod with either a red con OR a green con attached (depending on what type of ammo your using) and a female ball clip at the other end.

Step 2: The Handle

Picture of The Handle

This is just the base of the handle, the body parts will be added later...

Step 3: The Body and Barrel

Picture of The Body and Barrel

Some bits are pretty hard... Follow the instructions well!

Step 4: Attaching the Body and Handle

Picture of Attaching the Body and Handle

Follow, this part can be quite complicated!

Step 5: The Trigger

Picture of The Trigger

This is what you pull to make the gun fire!

Step 6: Making the Body Parts (Outside)

Picture of Making the Body Parts (Outside)

These are what makes the gun look and feel great! They also add to the weight and make the gun wider..

Step 7: Attaching the Body Parts (Handle)

Picture of Attaching the Body Parts (Handle)


Step 8: Attaching the Body Parts (2)

Picture of Attaching the Body Parts (2)


Step 9: The Ram Rod

Picture of The Ram Rod

This is what pushes the ammo out of the barrel...

Step 10: Attaching the Rubber Bands

Picture of Attaching the Rubber Bands

Follow instructions carefully!

Step 11: The Ammo and Mag Rams

Picture of The Ammo and Mag Rams

Just the two types of ammo and their different Rams

Step 12: Loading and Firing!

Picture of Loading and Firing!

To fire, make sure there is a rubber band pushing the mag ram upwards, pull back the ram and make sure a bullet (not really a bullet but you know what I mean!) is loaded into the chamber, and slowly release the ram. If everything was done correctly, it will fire on the pull of the trigger! Happy shooting!!!!!!!!


master-splinter306 (author)2015-07-13

It is a nice gun!

deadlockdanger98 (author)2013-10-11

looks cool:)

mlslrsn (author)2013-07-20

Sorry meant glock or not glockor

mlslrsn (author)2013-07-20

Did you steal this from Big Z's Glockor vise versa?

Jaxov (author)2013-06-30

looks awesome! wanted to make this one, but didnt have enough y clips lol bad. *is confused*

I would go more this way:

cazadactle (author)2012-01-18

thanks! its nice to see that I have people who like my work but i seriously doubt that i will be making anymore stuff :( but thanks for the comment anyway!!:))

PotatoCoffee (author)2011-12-05

Looks amazing!

cazadactle (author)PotatoCoffee2011-12-09


PotatoCoffee (author)cazadactle2011-12-09

Your welcome.

cazadactle (author)PotatoCoffee2011-12-09


PotatoCoffee (author)cazadactle2011-12-09

.... I can't think of anything to say...

cazadactle (author)PotatoCoffee2011-12-10

hahaha lol I saw your subway comment on your orangeboard and so I went out today and got a meatball marina with melted cheese and herby cheesy bread...sooo good but messy lol!!!

PotatoCoffee (author)cazadactle2011-12-10

I have to try that!!!

cazadactle (author)PotatoCoffee2011-12-10


PotatoCoffee (author)cazadactle2011-12-11


cazadactle (author)PotatoCoffee2011-12-11

XD lol

PotatoCoffee (author)cazadactle2011-12-12


cazadactle (author)PotatoCoffee2011-12-12


PotatoCoffee (author)cazadactle2011-12-13


Puddock (author)2011-12-08


cazadactle (author)Puddock2011-12-09


TheAwesomestDude (author)2011-11-14

i just realized this looks like a mod of entie1995 usp.45 pistol

Maybe, I did build his pistol before hand but I wanted to make my own handgun so when making this one I started from scotch and anyway the handle and body design is completely different...

An Villain (author)cazadactle2011-12-02

Scotch: Responsible for good ideas for 700 years.

cazadactle (author)An Villain2011-12-03

haha lol i meant scratch... :D

An Villain (author)cazadactle2011-12-04

I see.

yeah it just reminded me of it

cazadactle (author)cazadactle2011-11-15


skyfaller (author)2011-11-23

Looks good!

cazadactle (author)skyfaller2011-11-24


Seleziona (author)2011-11-16

Looks very good :) I love Knex pistols, but not ones that use mags in the handles. That's why the m1911 I made is a single shot.. I also think yours looks as good or better than mine.

cazadactle (author)Seleziona2011-11-16

thanks but your M1911 kinda made me want to build one myself, and because I don't have very many pieces (I ordered some yesterday) I thought it would be a good idea to make one. Thanks!

Seleziona (author)cazadactle2011-11-18

Cool :) And your welcome!

An Villain (author)2011-11-13

I like this one a little better than Seleziona's, its design is a lot smoother, and it fits its original shape a lot better (the handle was far too long on his.) Also it repeats, which is good.

cazadactle (author)An Villain2011-11-14


An Villain (author)cazadactle2011-11-14

You're welcome. It says I replied to this comment -5 minutes ago.

cazadactle (author)An Villain2011-11-16

time zones?

An Villain (author)cazadactle2011-11-16


TheAwesomestDude (author)2011-11-12

best m1911 ive seen good job 5*s

Thanks a lot!!!!

your welcome

go here and see what a good one looks like
and then try to claim yours is a good one

It's kinda funny you say that because the one you just showed me was actually the first knex handgun I had ever made but even though his looks great, it was kinda fiddley and the handle was big, but everyone has a different opinion I guess...

cazadactle (author)cazadactle2011-11-13

And btw you can make the barrel/body of the gun a lot thinner by taking off the top line of orange connectors but then you sacrifice sights and strength for looks....

i didnt its not mine although its the best one ive seen until you showed me this

~KGB~ (author)2011-11-12

looks nice!

cazadactle (author)~KGB~2011-11-13


~KGB~ (author)cazadactle2011-11-13


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