Knex M1911 With Removable Mag





Introduction: Knex M1911 With Removable Mag

This is the first pistol I have made that uses this type of mag. It functions pretty good overall. The only problem is it jams every once in a while and shoots two rounds if there is too much pressure on the mag pusher.The gun does still need improvement but it's still pretty good. It's not to scale but it looks pretty dang close.

Looks close to real thing
Mag in handle
Mag lock
Sometimes jams
Shoots 30-35 ft.
Good sights
Nice feel
Some time shoots two rounds
True trigger
Can add tactical rail
Mag cap 8-9

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    too bad, all the good guns= no instructions

    When you do something, REMEMBER to Do INSTRUCTIONS!!!

    Do you realise how long its been since this has even been together?

    I'd guess it's been apart for a good 2 years lol.

    Would you please upload a building instruction

    I know its too big I said so in the description and thanks

    1 reply

    its not too big, eather! I love it! 5*

    This gun i like its not to overdone but it is not to simple.if you use broken pieces then i would cut out the inside of the red connector on the trigger guard to give it more room. Good job man!!!