This is an instruction set for my V2 Thompson
I build my tommy gun a while ago and I wanted to give the Thompson another try, so here it is!
features the same stock and mag, but!
-its smaller and more to scale
-new set of iron sights(sort of)
-new grip!
-closed trigger guard
-"wood" grip
-its ALOT lighter

Step 1: Body

here we will build the body it self, if you have any Questions please do let me know, I check my page daily so I will respond ASAP

Step 2: Barrel

here we will be building the barrel and the iron sights of the gun, again feel free to ask questions if needed
it is important that you use the cut rods if you are going to use the modified blue 3D connector

Step 3: Pistol Grip

here we will be building my new comfy pistol grip, should be easy enough

Step 4: Break Time!

Now take a small break!

Step 5: Wood Grip

The wooden grip of the thompson will be made here, not a lot of pictures needed

Step 6: Stock

here the stock will be born.
you should be able to build this part with the pictures profided!

Step 7: Magazine

Heres the mag

Step 8: Assembling the Thing!

yay now you will be putting all the parts into one big lovely gun!

Step 9: Extra's

they are nessesary so do put them on or the gun might fall apart at some places
Thommy gun version comming soon stay tuned in!
<p>When exactly? It's been 2 years...</p><p>Also, can you explain how the bullet barrel on the tommygun works? I'm just so confused by how this cylinder shoots...</p>
<p>It doesn't shoot at all, that's why you might be confused</p><p>Also I have been very busy with school and work, Knex'ing hasn't been an option for me lately, I'll see when I can rebuild this with a drum mag and a foregrip like the mafia style tommy gun</p>
<p>Yeah, I'll favorite and tell you if I made it. I'll be your biggest fan if you managed to make it shoot AND decreased the amount of broken pieces (they're really pissing me off -_-)</p>
<p>Thanks for your response and I've evaluated your feedback. I will take it into consideration for future builds and hope you will feel pleased to see my future works.</p><p>However due to personal issues I'm experiencing I cannot say when the next release will be.</p><p>Greatings,</p><p>Kona-chan</p>
<p>My M1A1 Thompson, do you want the pictures of my BAR attempt Kona</p>
but everything aside, would you like to build it?
<p>Your Thompson or the BAR</p>
my Thompson
<p>Maybe on a weekend or during the summer holidays </p>
it's short for Alright i guess xD
<p>Ah ok I see </p>
. . .
I was aware of the fact you posted a Thompson, and yes I would like to see your BAR
<p>I'll send you pictures by email so only you can see them</p>
could you send them to my inbox or do you really need my email?
<p>Yes its needs to be email, cant send them through inbox </p>
okay Ill inbox you my email, but no spam or ill get furious
<p>Relax will you, its only pictures and nothing esle </p>
sorry bro I'm jus so tired and i wanna go to sleep but i wanna see your bar first uuuugh
<p>All done, I've sent the pictures to you</p>
guess so, didnt make it go pew tho
I just made reddy's ak12 and its huge and heavy man
thanks bro!<br>you up to anything?<br>I have no idea what to build so yeh
why thank you
<p>Looking good!</p>
<p>thank you C:</p>
this. looks. sick.
<p>why thank you :^)</p>
Great gun! I might try and put a working mech in this in the future.
thanks and let me know when you got it to shoot

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