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Introduction: Knex M4

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Hey guys! This is my VERY FIRST INSTRUCTABE!!!! It is an M4 and has a removeable magazine but I unfortunately won't be posting instructions for this (yet!) because I broke it up but it can be remade easily! This is a mod of the El Diablo Assault Rifle (which I found on Youtube, check it out). I gave it an extended barrel, a completely new stock, carry handle, foldable sights, better trigger, removeable mag with integrated ram, underbarrel attachments, scope capability, and a better mech. There are 6 sights, each for a different range which means there are 8 different sight settings for different ranges (see pic 4 to understand what i mean...). So all in all quite an extensive mod!

-Looks awesome!
-Easy to mod
-Great comfort in the stock and handle
-Easy to load mag
-Very sturdy
-Easy to take bits apart (e.g. stock, handle, carry handle, etc...)

-Bad range (maybe 20-30 ft)
-Some bits can stick out (on the actual body of the gun)
-sights can be tricky to manipulate easily

Well that sums this one up! Maybe in the future when I have some popularity (hopefully!) I may revisit this one and do it up a bit and post instructions... :)




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    mmm well i'm not so was only three layers thick (i've got nothing against them its just more flimsy) and the range wasn't great but yeah :(

    Well it looks good, but 3 layers!? You make me livid I am outraged!!! (It's actually no that bad, I'm just saying it for the sake of it!

    I didn't have enough pieces back then :(

    Dude, I would quickly replace the 'block trigger' part in the description with 'true trigger'. DO IT, QUICK, KID! BEFORE YOU GET KILLED BY THE K'NEX COMMUNITY!

    Just a low piece count knex gun that i found on Youtube but it is suprisingly basic for a magazine gun which makes it great for modding! check it out!!!!