K'nex M4 Carbine





Introduction: K'nex M4 Carbine

Hey guys (girls), this is my K'nex M4 Carbine. This is actually a shorter version of my M16A4. The only difference is the shorter barrel and the different stock. Sadly this gun won't be posted

Credit to Beameron and Nutty Guy.



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    make instruction

    same on this one, the mag is miniature and that make the gun look deformed.

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    Yeah I know but I'm never going to be able to change it ever again because I sold my k'nex like a year ago so to bad. But anyway, thanks for your feedback.

    Can you make a tut? My son likes this gun a lot. And I wanna make it for him

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    I'm sorry I said that when you can figure something out, post a comment on my orangeboard, but I meant when you can't figure something out. first read the other comment before thisone.

    I'm sorry mate but I'm not going to be able to make it again because I've sold my k'nex last summer. but I can give you some references which I used to make this gun. first go to beameron's instructable page and check out his M16. It will help you allot with the barrel. second try to integrate dutchwarlord's design for the mag well from his TAR-21 into it. Use Barrax's M4 carbine for the sights. you can find the trigger gaurd and handle at nuttyguy's SCAR-L. and the stock, well just try to make that from teh pictures. it's not to difficult. I hope this will help you out alot and I you can figure something out, just post a comment onto my orangeboard and I'll help you out. but this should help you allong the road.

    Warm regards,

    War Hawk One

    It looks like the best one on instructables. Bit the mech and the middle area looks a little big. Not being mean, just a thought.

    haha you got me there. If I'm going to make an 'able I first need to think about the mech so... probably not

    Agree, but the front looks too small or out of proportion.

    i know, because he overbulked the body

    well I was bored and I don't know any other gun at the moment all though I already have pics for a IMI galil (aka just a galil, I like to do the complete name)

    it does. it fires in between 25-30 feet so just a regular range.

    well I left out the firing pin because the gun doesn't look that good with the firing pin but it shoots between 25-30 ft.