Knex M4A1 / M4 Carbine Assualt Rifle





Introduction: Knex M4A1 / M4 Carbine Assualt Rifle

DO NOT BUILD THIS if you want a gun that shoots good.  Build this ONLY if you are going to keep it for looks.  Do not judge this gun based on its shooting.  It was made purely for looks.  It jams frequently and only gets about 15 ft unless you take off the stock, then it gets about 30 -40 ft and does not jam.  If you want a gun that shoots good, make my intervention.  REMEMBER: RATE THIS GUN BASED ON IT'S LOOKS, NOT IT'S PERFORMANCE.  IT'S A REPLICA.  IT SHOULD BE RATED ON LOOKS, NOT PERFORMANCE.

Step 1: Barrel

 Read the notes

Step 2: The Magazine

 Read the notes

Credit to TheDunkis for his magazine.

Step 3: The Body

 Read the notes

Step 4: Mech

 Read the notes

Step 5: Handle

 Read the notes

Step 6: The Stock

 Read the notes

Step 7: Attaching Everything

 Read the notes

Step 8: Attachments

Now, you may be thinking...
WTF?  This looks nothing like an M4 Carbine!

Thats where you're wrong.  In this step i'll show you how to attach the attachments like the carrying handle for example.

1) Carrying handle / Iron sight
2) Red dot sight



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    xD the war pic tho

    will it still fit together if i remove the firing system? because i don't care at all if it shoots. i just want it to be accurate and this, my friend, is epic.

    Now i have built this gone for the second time, im gunna SOPMOD it :D,
    for you guys that dont know, a SOPMOD, is a Red Dot Sight, Grenade Launcher and a Silencer, and also the M4 carbine and the M4A1, are the same set of guns but different, The M4 Carbine has a little more power, whereas the M4A1 is more for its accurecy

    i dont get in the first bit which rod gos down the middle and wat is the small orange and black bits

    It's a red rod

    Those are broken orange connecters

    do you need the broken ones?