One day i had the idea to build this. I built it and called it an m4 carbine.
Mods wanted

Step 1: The Stock

1.build this
2.another view

Step 2: Body Part 1

1.build this
2.anothe view

Step 3: Body Part 2

1.build this
2.& 3. differant view
4.about to attach

Step 4: Barrel

2.differant view
3.about to attach

Step 5: Barrel and Other Attachments

1.build the orange 2 slot and gray rod and attach with two gray single slots
2.mag and mag holder thingy[follow the notes]
3.another view
4.close up
6.about to attach
9.about to attach


next time put effort into a gun
your umm.... 1 year late on that
that doesnt look anything like an m4 it doesnt even look like any gun
heres the pic
to view my new rifle search me and view the questions ive asked. 
M4's have been done a million times before on this site, and this is on the lower end of replications.  If it does not beat this, do not post it.
That actually shoots and has removeable mags too.
Cruddy<br />
Next one i make will look better
&nbsp;you should know that this can't compete with the average gun on this website
I know
ok<br />
I said prototype
&nbsp;looks a bit off...
Next time build an M4 that actually looks like the real thing.<br />

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