Introduction: Knex M4 Carbine [prototype]

Picture of Knex M4 Carbine [prototype]

One day i had the idea to build this. I built it and called it an m4 carbine.
Mods wanted

Step 1: The Stock

Picture of The Stock this
2.another view

Step 2: Body Part 1

Picture of Body Part 1 this
2.anothe view

Step 3: Body Part 2

Picture of Body Part 2 this
2.& 3. differant view
4.about to attach

Step 4: Barrel

Picture of Barrel
2.differant view
3.about to attach

Step 5: Barrel and Other Attachments

Picture of Barrel and Other Attachments the orange 2 slot and gray rod and attach with two gray single slots
2.mag and mag holder thingy[follow the notes]
3.another view
4.close up
6.about to attach
9.about to attach



wabawaba (author)2011-06-03

next time put effort into a gun

DontShoot262 (author)wabawaba2011-06-04

your umm.... 1 year late on that

Missinthegrove7 (author)2010-06-18

that doesnt look anything like an m4 it doesnt even look like any gun

DontShoot262 (author)2010-05-22

heres the pic

DontShoot262 (author)2010-05-22

to view my new rifle search me and view the questions ive asked. 

TheChemiker (author)2010-05-18

M4's have been done a million times before on this site, and this is on the lower end of replications.  If it does not beat this, do not post it.

TheChemiker (author)TheChemiker2010-05-19

That actually shoots and has removeable mags too.

TwistedParadox (author)2010-05-19


DontShoot262 (author)2010-05-18

Next one i make will look better

Mr. Muggle (author)2010-05-16

 you should know that this can't compete with the average gun on this website

DontShoot262 (author)Mr. Muggle2010-05-16

I know

Mr. Muggle (author)DontShoot2622010-05-16


DontShoot262 (author)2010-05-16

I said prototype

~KGB~ (author)2010-05-16

 looks a bit off...

DJ Radio (author)2010-05-15

Next time build an M4 that actually looks like the real thing.

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