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Introduction: Knex M4 IW5

About: Quick update: I DO NOT THINK THAT CALL OF DUTY IS AWESOME. I changed my play style to other games. With that being said, my real name is Mark. I am 15 years old and currently in 10th grade.

Hey guys, this is the new m4 I made
This is My entry for the Make It Real contest
did u know that the M4 IW5 is the one in mw3?

Warning: this gun includes a large piece count and several cut pieces!!

here are some pros and cons:
-great looks
- barrel looks like an m4
- internal pusher magazine
- hybrid sight looks and performs real
- shoots at 40 ft max

- rarely jams
- stock looks a bit too obstructed
- handle is a bit flimsy

Plz rate 5* and comment on how I could make my gun better
follow me and I'll make more cool guns!



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    ''Plz rate 5*'' Never, I repeat: never ask that. 
    Gun itself looks ok

    2 replies

    Richtofen, is this supposed to be threatening because I don't see how

    Uhm, no. It's just that asking for 5 stars isn't realy accepted by the community.
    This gun itself looks good

    "Cons: Rarely jams" Something tells me this isn't supposed to be in the cons section . . . Nice gun however!

    sorry but I have to rate it 0 stars because it isnt a instructables

    nice I love the hybrid sight

    nah its from charlie intel. just google search: M4 IW5

    looks awesome, but seems very inefficiently built performance-wise. nice, try to make it shoot better next time.

    I like the overall looks of the gun, but IMO the main body/magazine area is a bit oversized compared to the rest of the gun.

    ? Keep your gaming discussions out of the k'nex part on this site

    I basically remade most of my new scar-l such as the outside looks and the performance. I will be posting it no later than this weekend

    It looks good, but I would recommend having a picture of the "K'nex Version" as the first picture, it will get you more attention than a picture of an AR-15.