Knex M40A3 Sniper Rifle Preview





Introduction: Knex M40A3 Sniper Rifle Preview

Hi,this is my first instructable so be nice and rate high.
This gun is not my design,but I have modified it a bit.I have added an attachablebi-pod,grenade launcher and fore-grip.

Pros:Attachable items
Good power and accuracyGood scope
Looks goodHigh range
Ram guideTrue trigger

Cons:Slow reloading
Ram sometimes shoots outTrigger sometimes gets jammed

Other than those cons the gun can shoot 40m (130ft) and you can stuff loads of little blue connectors in the grenade launcher for a grenade-like affect.To make original design go to
Also you could add some sort of shock absorber so stop ram from flying out the end and I might post my assassins creed hidden blade soon which is awesome.So check out my pics below.



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    I have up dated the stock now, it looks GREAT! I will post some pics as soon as possible.

    Umm... Yeah well thanks anyway because you are legend!
    I have also created a knex butchers knife a pump action p90 an assasins creed hidden blade and a medieval satcha baluster :) Heres a pic


    you're dead right about that because he gives the best comments and builded several of the greatest guns on this whole site.

    can you post instructions for this thing? this looks awesome to build