Knex M41-A From the Movie "Aliens"





Introduction: Knex M41-A From the Movie "Aliens"

This is the knex version of the M41-A from the movie, "Aliens". IT has a 5 shot mag. a ram rod puller that comes off the side and many other features. Please note this is my first ever BIG gun build so its not the best. Range is about 25 feet +, but if you add more bands it could go farther. This was requested by Hedgehog0 and he will be working on a grenade launcher attachment for this shortly after I post the instructable. Thank you for looking and please comment and rate.




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    this is pretty bad. 2* for the effort.

    'Almost Average'
    That's what I'd give it!

    The grenade launcher... does not work. I am disapoint. >:(

    it looks... ok. not the best for looks but the front grip seems comfy.

    All right Lego fanatic!!!
    please don't get rid of it until you make a good instructible!

    I will do what I can to make a K'nex Grenade MOD!!!


    Hedgehog0, out!

    LOL, ok bro. I will make the instructable but if I make a better version Im gona take that instructable off and put the new one on.

    If you make a better one... tell me so I can adapt my MOD! ; )

    BTW, Legofanatic is all one word......................