Knex M4A1 Carbine Assault Rifle



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Introduction: Knex M4A1 Carbine Assault Rifle

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This is my new knex gun the M4A1 Carbine Assault Rifle it's one of a kind it has a adjustable stock, a charging handle that pulls back the ram, and rail system on the barrel. I hope you like this and don't forget to rate it thanks!! :) :)



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    Right now I'm making a M4A1 V2 its gonna be a little better than this one here, the name will be Magpul M4A1 or Magpul M4A1 (Build) I don't know which one yet

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    it will b a model gun

    sorry I don't have it anymore but im gonna post my walther pps handgun soon so keep an eye out for it in a couple of days

    Wow, how did I miss this?!? Well, this is pretty sweet, looks pretty good over all. I would say that this is the best on this sight, even better than Razar Knex Bullet's. I only see a few things that are off:
    1) The magazine. It needs to be edited...badly. It should probably be a 5.56 mag like on my Magpul Masada or ISSC MK22 RR.
    2) The mag well needs to be tilted...this can be easily accomplished.
    3) The pistol grip handle needs to be bigger.

    Other than that you have a great gun. It needs to be edited, but I think that this was a good attempt.

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    Thanks man. My mag is special made for this gun, i think my handle is just perfect n i do no i need 2 work on the mag well.

    I have to admit; this is actually one of the better M4's on this site even though others might not agree. I really like the way you did the firing pin/charging handle area.

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    yeah n thank you

    something is off, but i dont kno wut

    oh yeah thanks n same here :)

    its not, its actaully finish

    haha thanks