This is my new knex gun the M4A1 Carbine Assault Rifle it's one of a kind it has a adjustable stock, a charging handle that pulls back the ram, and rail system on the barrel. I hope you like this and don't forget to rate it thanks!! :) :)
Right now I'm making a M4A1 V2 its gonna be a little better than this one here, the name will be Magpul M4A1 or Magpul M4A1 (Build) I don't know which one yet
it will b a model gun
can you post? pppplllleeaaassseeee?
sorry I don't have it anymore but im gonna post my walther pps handgun soon so keep an eye out for it in a couple of days
Wow, how did I miss this?!? Well, this is pretty sweet, looks pretty good over all. I would say that this is the best on this sight, even better than Razar Knex Bullet's. I only see a few things that are off: <br>1) The magazine. It needs to be edited...badly. It should probably be a 5.56 mag like on my Magpul Masada or ISSC MK22 RR. <br>2) The mag well needs to be tilted...this can be easily accomplished. <br>3) The pistol grip handle needs to be bigger. <br> <br>Other than that you have a great gun. It needs to be edited, but I think that this was a good attempt.
Thanks man. My mag is special made for this gun, i think my handle is just perfect n i do no i need 2 work on the mag well.
Alright, well, happy editing. =D
I have to admit; this is actually one of the better M4's on this site even though others might not agree. I really like the way you did the firing pin/charging handle area.
yeah n thank you
No problemo!
something is off, but i dont kno wut
this is the best on the site IMO
oh yeah thanks n same here :)
1000th comment and your welcome =D
great! but the mag looks a little unfinished(not to be a jerk).
its not, its actaully finish
alright then it looks great!
haha thanks

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