Picture of K'nex M4A1 Carbine
The K'nex M4A1 is easy to built and some of the pieces are bent a bit and it won't ever break. Just get a picture of a M4A1 and try to built it out (thats what i did) Im off a few inches long from the actual M4A1 Carbine.

You can clip in the mag and out but it won't fall out, the aiming is like the one is Call Of Duty 4.

By: Charles . P

Step 1: M4A1 mag

Picture of M4A1 mag
The mechanism of the mag holder is very simple and it's not that hard to make because they snap together.
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does the gun shoot
i'm gonna own y'all yeah baby but i cant download PDF WTF??(where's the food) XD
Fartonia (author) 4 years ago
These are guns I've made, but have no time to post them.

It's the M4A1, SCAR-H, and M4 SOPMOD


*There's no SCAR-H video
bfhben Fartonia4 years ago
its gunthix4evers guns u have no common scence (cant spell)

EXZOTlC bfhben4 years ago
this is him
i knew i recognised that M4 in the top left from somewhere, are you Guthix4Ever on youtube (don't know if i got the name right, sorry)?
Dude ive seen all your video clips on utube there awesome i even managed to build the m4 sop mod and the ak47 just didnt have time to build the dessert eagle. Your stuff is so cool even my friend said it was good enough to sell. lol!
Fartonia (author) 4 years ago
This is my latest gun so far....

hi can you send me the instuction's of how to make the m4 a1
Lol, I am gonna own you now.
Lol, I am gonna own you even more!
now that looks fun to build

does it shoot?
Reiben6 years ago
not bad heres my gun that shoots this one is not modeled after anything
Check out mine M4. It looks like it + it shoots, I mean, why building guns which don't shoot? :$
cool. kinda looks like an mp5 or an mp44.
mp44 way off kid but I guess it kinda looked like that in the first versions
Lol... It kinda does, at least I think it does...
the middle bottom gun looks like a Skorpion auto-pistol
I would make it if I had enough pieces sadly I do not :[
does this fire?
No! =)
i'v built this and its good for playing with,plus i tweeked it a bit
lemonpickle5 years ago
ok if seen better 3*
nye995 years ago
i will build it then i will give you a score out of ten believe me i know a lot about guns iv got 5 rifles and a shotgun
Jerryjr5 years ago
=P sweet
tysanio5 years ago
Good Good i like it ^^
knexmyster6 years ago
that gun (m4a1) kind'ov looks like the one that gutix4ever made on youtube
yeah its gutix4ever
yeah i know he might not like this but i took his deagle .. built it and made a removeable mag with the button for realeasing it if you want to see it ask

wait............. that is it!
yeah i think he is gutix4ever i love his guns soooooo cool
bhuty5 years ago
if you could make that shoot and post instructions, i would subscribe 50 times ppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssss
Buzzwad5 years ago
I'm trying to build this, and I'd like to ask anyone who has built this if they could provide detailed instructions on the barrel. I can't quite understand the pics
Fartonia (author) 5 years ago
New M4A1 VERSION on Youtube made by me!!! Channel: GUTHIX4EVER Watch it... You might like it? but is still doesn't shoot :'(
ashchetm5 years ago
ya know just pointing out.... people don't care if you make a model of a gun if it does'nt fire....its more of a waste of space on instructable's server...
Storm3606 years ago
The barrel is too flimsy!!!!!!!!!!!!
deadeye2416 years ago
how did you make the grip on the barrell
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