I hate my blue walls.........I use my new knex for this.....I modeled it off the m4 from MW2......should I post or not....please comment
You should try and make more knex guns that shoot nice gun btw
u got a talent
Thanks man!!!
That's epic
Thanks man!!
Eh kinda....maybe more like a 417
I knew if you had more pieces you could build even greater things, and I was right: this is your best yet. :P Nice job.
Thanks man
Eh, I don't really like making guns that shoot...but I might attemp one soon
Thanks man....I ordered some more pieces
The bottom of the magazine and handle are a bit sloppy, but for your amount of pieces, this really isn't too bad!
Ditto. =D
Meaning that this looks good for the amount of pieces you have. =D
Thanks man
I bought some more pieces.....but thanks
Alright, and you're welcome! <br>
Looks cool!
Thanks man

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