This is my Knex M60 and I finally got around to instructions. This is my first instructable so leave comments on what I did bad or well. If you have any trouble, just message me and I will try to help you out or post some more pictures. Also, please let me know what guns you would like me to build. I need ideas and you people need guns!


-No broken pieces
-Looks cool
-Fast reload
-Compact and sturdy


-Low range (Depends on what bands you use)
-Heavier than most Knex guns

This Knex gun uses a lot of pieces and takes some time to get it right. Just take your time, take some breaks, and study the pictures well. Good luck and happy building! 

Step 1: Stock

Stock of the gun. Read the boxes.

Step 2: Barrel

Title explains it all. Read the boxes.

Step 3: Under-barrel

Couldn't be any easier.

Step 4: Bipod

This is the bi-pod of the gun. I know, its not great, and I know there are way better ones out there. I would recommend using a better bi-pod but you can you use this one if you'd like.

Step 5: Handle and Trigger

Not too hard. Don't forget to read the boxes.

Step 6: Main Body

By far the hardest part of the gun. It is very hard to snap in the last panel. Just keep trying and you'll eventually get it. 

Step 7: Chain

This is a fake chain just for looks.

Step 8: Connections

Now it's time to connect all of the sections together! You're almost there!

Step 9: Rubber Bands/Loading

Just showing where the bands go and how to reload.

Step 10: YOU'RE DONE!!!

Congratulations. If you've reached this step, YOU FINALLY FINISHED!!! Just step back and take a look at the piece of art you've made. Now go take a break and go outside or eat a cookie or do something because you've probably been in your man infested knex trashed basement all day stranded by yourself making this. But who cares because you finished!!! YAY!!! Don't forget to leave suggestions for knex guns I should build. Ta ta for now!
Oh and I also made a fake carrying handle.
Built it already and I love it. I modified it a bit. I shortened the trigger guard, fixed the stock, and added a bigger box mag.
This doesnt shoot? I made it exactly how youve said but it gets a range of 5 feet. Can you help or tell me what you think i have done wrong?
Can i ask how many hinges are used in this? I have 8 will that be enough cs i dont wanna make it and then realise i dont have the pieces<br/>
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zn7-fVtT16k &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; How about this? :P
<iframe frameborder="0" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/AeNYDwbm9qw" width="560"></iframe><br><br><br>just watch
watch the albert einsein one
That one is so
Hahahahaha...?? Clearly, Napoleon won.
witch one? lol
bonepart or dinamight
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that is true cool
Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllll <br>I am going to build it <br>
out of little green connectors :(
i ran out of blue and black swivel pieces D:
the bipod does not work please help <br>
Just finished building it yesterday and boy my fingers did hurt like hell when building the really difficcult part but it was worth it. Here are some ideas weapons from COD Black Ops that i would like to see on instructables <br> <br>M72 Law <br>WA2000 <br>Galil <br>FN Fal <br>M14
Try Dutch Warlords FN FAL and KnexGirls M14 EBR.
exept for the LAW, all that weapons have already been made on ibles
I'll try the galil
Like this one.
Yay now I can own stuff =P.
I think I'll build the barrel with all white 360 connecters. Napolean B. won <br>
can you use white circle connectors instead of the blue?<br><br>
great gun! im planing on making an m60 or something<br>
i ran out ogf pieces <br>
this is a very awesome looking gun
Thanks =D
Well you need it to put your hand on and you need a trigger to shoot, so if you don't want that then I guess not...
It would look SO much more boss if it weren't for that awkwardly large trigger guard. The rest is so good...
Sorry...I took it apart but you can change it.
Nice job dude. Have you already checked out mine? I don't know if you have enough pieces but still this one is nice. the only thing that is a bit off is the trigger guard. So if you change that you get 5*. Now you have 4*.
nice! =D
I love your P90 are you going to post instructions for it?
thanks, look at the topic about it
I saw the pics you took and i allready finished making it!
Nice! have you got a picture of yours?
Here it is!!!
that epic! good job! =D
Thanks! =D

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