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Hello guys (girls). This is the first Real Replica of the M60E4. YEAH!!!! this gun is design by me and I got the inspiration from COD4. this gun has awesome looks, normal range (30-40ft), exact measurements so 1105mm long (I'm european so we use mm and cm etc.), removeable box magazine, fake charging handle, comfy stock, belt cover, grip, bipod, comfy handle and true trigger. this gun will probably BE posted. so I hope you´ll like it.


PotatoCoffee (author)2011-12-17


lukewilliams010 (author)2011-07-14

and this isnt the first m60 replica there are 2 before it that looks exaclty the same as yours

because they are all m60's

no they don´t.

well the barrel kinda does and top cover

aleceatsfood (author)2011-07-18

I wish I could make it...

go to this site ( and order your knex.

lukewilliams010 (author)2011-07-14

this isnt the first there are 2 pothers that look exaclty the same as thisd

gassybeans (author)2011-07-12

Are you from germany or somthing? Nice gun. Looks realistic. BTW what does it fire?

War Hawk One (author)gassybeans2011-07-12

Not german but close. I´m dutch. It fires blue rods. Did you already see that there were instructions posted or not. If you have enough piece you should build it because it´s a nice gun to play with.

gassybeans (author)War Hawk One2011-07-13

oh cool.. and that explains why you and sammyhond1 were speaking it.
интересный .. им на самом деле России. im actually russian.

War Hawk One (author)gassybeans2011-07-13

ow cool

lukewilliams010 (author)2011-06-25

looks really like it , however it looks like a weak barrel and stock frame but 5/5 anyway post it maybe ?

actually the stock is suprisinly sturdy but you´re right about the barrel, instructions might come during the holidays.

knextremist (author)War Hawk One2011-06-29

Sorry if i'm bugging you but tell me, which holiday will you be posting this during?

War Hawk One (author)knextremist2011-06-30

uhmm the summer holidays
so just wait for a few weeks or days

knextremist (author)War Hawk One2011-07-01


War Hawk One (author)knextremist2011-07-02

I know but I first need to build it up from these pics so wait hahaha sorry for the very long waiting

knextremist (author)War Hawk One2011-07-10

thats ok hopefully it will be done soon

War Hawk One (author)knextremist2011-07-11

uhhm owkey but it´s already been posted.

oh cool i gave 5/5 anyway becuase i knew i could be wrong :)

instruct39 (author)2011-07-04

awesome! i hope you post instructions, i might build

sammyhond1 (author)2011-05-13

waneer post je m? wil m egt graag maken ! beste in langetijden :D dogwisperer ftw :D

War Hawk One (author)sammyhond12011-05-13

srry maar ik heb er gwn ff geen tijd voor want ik heb mijn school en heel veel huiswerk want ik doe vwo in het engels en nederlands dus dan kun je het wel verwachte

sammyhond1 (author)War Hawk One2011-05-18

ah okee snap et ;) school is ofc belangrijker . np ik w8 wel xD
btw ik ken die bipod :P van mota zeker? :P

War Hawk One (author)sammyhond12011-05-19


sammyhond1 (author)War Hawk One2011-06-16

Bijna zomervakantie ;) ben met smart aan het w8e voor de instrucktions hoop ze snel te zien :) Maar wel poste he! je maakt er veel mense gelukkig mee! PLZZZ post soon

War Hawk One (author)sammyhond12011-06-17

precies jij snapt het hahahha

sammyhond1 (author)War Hawk One2011-06-27

ik heb zomer vakantie jij ook bijna???

War Hawk One (author)sammyhond12011-06-27

ikke nog net nie, ik heb nog deze week proefwerkweek

sammyhond1 (author)War Hawk One2011-06-27

ahh okee suc6 ^^

knextremist (author)War Hawk One2011-06-16

just wondering. could you give me like an estimate for when the instructions will be done?

War Hawk One (author)knextremist2011-06-17

probably summer holidays but I am going to croatia for 3 weeks so i have 4 weeks left
stay tuned! ;)

knextremist (author)War Hawk One2011-06-19

how does it shoot? Ram or sling shot?

War Hawk One (author)knextremist2011-06-20

ram but it's a special kind of ram cuz' it runs underneath the stock so you wont get slapped in the face.=xd

knextremist (author)War Hawk One2011-06-21

dude thats epic and is it accurate?

War Hawk One (author)knextremist2011-06-22

on a sertain scale it is but because the barrel bents down a bit, the bullet want to go down to so that your answer

sammyhond1 (author)War Hawk One2011-06-22

coool haate dat altijd da je face clap kreeg bij et schiete :P
denk dak m gezien heb onder bij het handvat met het gebroken witte stuk?

sammyhond1 (author)knextremist2011-06-20

think ram it the text under the pics he says it shoots blue rods ;)

vinnii (author)2011-06-24

ik wil ook graag dat de instructies er komen

tytiger33 (author)2011-06-11

Are you going to post this now. It's been a month and a half.

War Hawk One (author)tytiger332011-06-12

I gues not because I´m starting to think that it´s boring (sorry for that).

tytiger33 (author)War Hawk One2011-06-15

NO man please post it I love it! I really want to build it! come please just post it!

War Hawk One (author)tytiger332011-06-15

i´ll see

tytiger33 (author)War Hawk One2011-06-15


knextremist (author)2011-06-11

Cant wait till its posted!!!! Do you know when you will be able to post?

War Hawk One (author)knextremist2011-06-12

I think i'm not going to post it anymore sorry

knextremist (author)War Hawk One2011-06-14


War Hawk One (author)knextremist2011-06-15

I´ll check if I have time

knextremist (author)War Hawk One2011-06-15

Thank you, you ar epic and so is this gun!!!!

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