If you want instructions, just ask.
actually, now that you think of it, you could build it from the first pic if you look hard enough
I want instructions <br>
can u put instructions cuz this looks cool
ya where r the instructions?i would love to make this
instructions plz
instructions, i mod it to shoot white rods, if i can i post pics and give you 97% credit for the gun
Good replica! I like the iron sights on this. May I suggest putting the trigger guard a little closer to the handle, and changing the&nbsp;base&nbsp;(not the handle)&nbsp;to a 5 layer instead of a 3 layer. For now, I give it a 3.5.
I don't have enough pieces (yet), but you could try&gt;<br />
Nah, I have about 5 unfinished projects right now, I can't use any more.
nice! look st my one....<br />
&nbsp;Cool! 5 stars!

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